Jacqueline Amos, a Black
Poet, Artist, School Teacher, and
Published Author; Who is Jacqueline Amos?
Who is seen most frequently world wide on the Internet
A black woman, who has felt the scars of a warrior,
she states, I have felt the scars of my ancestors.

I have felt the whip of the oppressor,
They have taken my life, but my spirit
Shall live beyond, the clouds of my epitaph,
I shall continue to beyond
the scars of my own demise,
Jacqueline was born in Harlem, she completed
her education, at Medgar Evers College.
I was the victim, the survivor, the back door,
but the soul who have mastered; the reasoning of calm.

From the School House
To The Supreme Court
To The Battle Ground

The Battered
To The Opening
Being Black In America
To the Lynching
To the Warrior
To The University
To Woman
To The Journey
To My Fathers House

Jacqueline’s writing reflect the noble Harriet
Tubman, the Black Mother Moses,
a sharp tongue, and the spiritual protection
of the almighty, her writing reflects deep
spirituality, Her first poem reflect, “I Shall Rise”
In the name of Black Women, Jacqueline not
only a Poet, but an Spiritual Poet,  Within these
Walls 2004,  her writing unfolds the Hero’s;
she speaks silently in her poems, and the
fires rise, when she speaks of the noble lord.
I am the link between the heavens and earth,
Jacqueline reminds the world, that women,
is the connection of creations, ordained by God.

Jacqueline Amos documented with the Museum
of Modern Art, 1995,  Brooklyn Museum,
1996, and many archives,
her favorite Quote, I shall rise alone, if I must
but I shall bring some of my people home,
I am the sheep that walks towards
the light In this world order, I as women
and all women, must come together as one,
the blessing of the almighty; who breathe upon
Our trust, it is not the woman who stands
before the mountain, but woman who walk,
with righteousness an dignity, Jacqueline
a true soldier in Gods army.

Biography Of Jacqueline Amos