#!/usr/local/bin/perl # # Author name: Jacqueline Amos # Creation date: # Dec 1, 2005 # Description: Author Jacqueline Amos takes you on a Journey the foundation of aesthetics; Jacqueline’s arts exhibit a historical consciousness typical of southern literature. Implementing in her voice value religious or moral interpretations of the world, is loyal to family, friends, and community, and unavoidably confronts a heritage of slavery and racial struggle. Jacqueline conclusions stands firm, she states because of the irony and tragedy of the Negro southern history, I focus on the dignity beyond death, the aesthetics of a free mind, under all odds of slavery, are conscious of human imperfection, social injustice, and the existence of evil in the world. At the same time, I shall bring forth truth that stood beyond the savage abuse of man and his silhouette illusions implemented through the human Gods. # To be an author of the present, and never speaking of the past, the mind cannot conceive the true meaning of historical aesthetics; the source of my instilment details, of the struggles just to stay alive, through indignation, betrayed into the dangerous character of an Author, I sought among the prosperity, to de program the destructions of a tube legations that toxins the mind, a free chose of birth, that constitute my liberty to speak, the army is not an army, when the warrior fights among each other, and the people suffer from the addictive addiction for power, what is revolution? When the windows are closed in, and there is no link, the miss conception of passage, Salvatore of righteousness; the loyalty died when the hero performed miracles. Jacqueline Amos the new energy of the past and future. Jacqueline the master of Arts.