Lord My Child's On Crack

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Lord My Child’s on Crack



I take my baby in fetal position, the tear stream down my face;

Lord the thunder, the thunder, please lord take me;

 I will give my life on this day, the serpents that

 seek for my Childs death, Oh the blueness of

 her body, the pain that I cannot harbor,

 lord my child must save self,

 the white powder devil, who lives within her space.

The man with the snowflake machine,

 who has no mercy are grace, daughter,

Daughter, oh lord my God to thee, why oh Why?

 Have I given you every thing you need?

The candy man laced with crack, the craving for the candy machine.


Mama, Mama the darkness that I harbor, I choose to live in a 8/11 box, there is no place that I can hide, no shelter that I can go, the white powder has claim my fate.

Mother I am ready to leave this place, the world that I live, I never had the chance to be a child, the gifts were nice, but I am dying inside, the horror that lies upon my space.


This world, this world, the ugly boogie man, who paste place to place, I sip on the white powder to relieve me of my pain; what is life if there is no family? what is life if there is no father? What is life if there is no church? What is life if man steals my faith? Cry not for me mama, I choose to live on the streets, the white devil continues to take my strength, the cold dark nights, the lonely house, who is their to give me life. Gentle as thy spoken word, is anyone listening as I speak? Innocence love, which I hold upon my heart, the world stopped, as I reached out once more for another try, The journey has taken place, my heart skips a beat, In a moment of time, I spiritual; upon my face, tears that race, love not befouls, the life never found.

I’m sipping on white powder lace with death, mama do not cry for me;

I have chosen my weapon, which cried for me, I sit with my white powder, loaded with crack, lord I am ready to leave this place.

My heart skips a beat, reaching out for love once more,

 shall I reach out, Are shall I claim back into my shell,

Oh thy judgment is shaky thou cannot relax, Why is it

 love hurt so bad? Shall I love? Are shall I run?
Transcendent awaits silent movements never speak;

Voices upon my head, sings I am starving give me love,

A Soul that feel the pain in the mist of the lonely night;
Pain cries release, seductions of the lonely heart,

 wounded by un worthy love.

Lost in illusions, voices of the angels, stars

 Flashing upon my head, pain cry give me love,

Traveling through the turmoil’s of love, lost in

 Illusions, of what was, forceful nature calls,

Ordained by destiny, fate has no hold.


The battlegrounds of the hoods, public administration

sings; we are the living dead, kill my brother

 the sounds of the smoking Gun

Dark alleys a culture without pride, playing the death drums.

Poetic nightmares that do not give a dam;

Aroma’s floats through the kitchen windows as the guns go off.

Give me love are give me death; nevertheless, the eyes reflects the symbol of hate. Nevertheless, the devil has no loyalty to self. Nevertheless, he empowers him self to be God. Wearing the three sixes above his head. Nevertheless, he stills from the poor and give to the rich. Nevertheless, he cries it’s the victim fault. Nevertheless, he tries to pimp the almighty God. Nevertheless, he swift all he can, and take them with him to hell. I am ready to buy me a gun, and put it to my head, the blasting gun will save me from self, I herd God call, through the darkness of the night, sipping on white powder laced with death.




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