What You Know About A Ghetto Child?

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What You Know About A Ghetto Child?



What you know about a ghetto child?????? robbing, Sticking up a people call treason,

I come in all colors, ghetto has no name,

survival to stay alive?

What you know about a Ghetto Child? Suffering out loud with a 40 ounce; Born in corruption living in assisted death call denial

Living in a ghetto where is the pride? Theirs no justice for the code I live, My son like me, mama-sniffing crack

cocaine, lying on her back, without pride,

Birthing abomination, if it’s a girl she will be like her, if it’s a boy 10 out of hundred he will live in a cage, bonded with the memories  locked up in chains. A soul boned with Satan, no conscious are pride.


Living by a world of darkness, and you look down on me, my brothers live by the code of the hood. Now tell me what you know about a ghetto child? Locked in a cage, under a system that is crook it as the laws they make, you talk about gang banging the life I live, what about the capitalist dysfunctions?  the white collar  codes of silence, my boys  that stick up and kill, what the hell I am already dead within, crack cocaine, heroin, white powder, that my mama leaves upon her dresser, and my father who abandons the roots call father.

What you know about a Ghetto Child? My sisters who wear there dress upon their ass thinking that this is the pleasures, I represent, when I call her bit—she says I disrespect the queen. I shall not live in denial, who the hell represent the black coalition?  Sisters dropping babies like a dog in heat, sex before marriage, trying to hook me to family, they smells of rotten roots, assisted slavery death by roots.


I robbed the system as they robed the cradle, I rob to stay alive, so who the hell, represent me, when I live through the darkness born in abomination, my inheritance from the crack addicted, hooked on a drug call addiction, as my people sit back and pull the rope that lynches my pride. Mama baby daddy maybe living a world of confusion, I took a ride with my brother, who stood before the gun, I tried to get enough money to pay my rent where I laid down, I live in the dungeon call capitalistic reforming, I watch my brother’s as he took a bullet, just trying to survive, I stand before the world as they labeled me a hood, and the tears of my brother he laid in the blood of survival, the only think I could remember a family member who passed on, I wear a tear upon my face, hoping one day I might change, always remembering the burning bullet laid in my partners chest.


I rap about the addiction call suicide intentions, I scream it out loud that my elders will pay attention, nevertheless they label me a thug, I live by the code of the unjust.

Mask that hides beyond the dark,
screaming voices of souls without passion
warriors beyond the ghettos
of the dungeons painted shields faces of fright.
Gangsters that wear the signs of tribes,
hypnotic pictures without the frame.
Delusions that are ripped and
shattered until darkness of night
the voices sings who am I

Rags that hang upon there heads,
leaches that sucks the blood of man
wars un rehearse, the hearses come one by one.
Mothers screaming tears are
streaming battle cries upon the night.
Gun shots ringing, the carousels
no longer turns, doll babies are no longer loved
replace with human life
little red trucks have become stolen cars,
the smell of gangue dust, pipes
Of white dust.

Burning buildings, roars of thunder, no where to hide,
hear the screams of satins delights
eyes of tears, shelters of scars.
As the night the air silently disappear
Silence like a rat upon the night,
the smell of rotten flesh,
that eats the heart of the child.

Angels run and hide from the deserts of hell
they wake upon the sun
hoping to touch the soul
Of the wondering child.

Through the windows they
smother the gentle of innocence
until there is no more life.

Genocide that creeps upon the doors
Black birds of death sit and wait to suck
there blood. Oh wear oh wear
Is the light, no where to hide
No where to run, murders
That rhymes I have no faith.

The reality of defeat think has
Linked the generation of hate
There is no foundation that is left behind.
Symbolic images of unity
Blocked by stupidity.
The heads without bodies
The feet without leadership
The eyes without sight
The heart without hope
The history without legacy.
A body without a soul.

As the innocence hold on to the elder.
The black birds sits upon there windows
The angels that set before the
Darkness of the night waiting for escape
The heavenly father cries a tear to
put out the flames.

"Innocence cries out to God
Take me father from the hell I dwell
As the angels sit with children in clutches
waiting for God to bring them out the dungeons of hell.

Ministers dress up as Satan
Cocaine a sniff of deliverance.
Crack the sacrament of Satan
As the vampires continue
To leap at the incoherence of souls.

Crypts that build there commentaries
Bloods that bites the young
Gangs of symbolic images
As they wave the flag red, black, and green
Criminals on patrol
Capitalistic dysfunctions
Cages that cling to the minds of the young;
Bureaucracies that kill there young.

Mothers that cripple up cemented wombs
that don’t give birth
Abortions that kills the life
Of the young.
Love that no longer lives
within the instructions
that are mounted within the stone.

Thunder upon the skies
Oh thy God Gun shot  rings
out loud, War zones without light
Prisons of innocence of life.
Trails of babies that sit upon
the light, mother less, father less
no longer in sight, children of
the dark that sings there own song.
Captivity of parents arrested by the young
Sentence to death, Justice stands
The child begin to scream a reminder
to the womb and seed
Without your guidance I have
signed the treaty with Satan
Now you shall feel the sins
of my pain.



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