Ghetto Heaven
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The darken hell that sat before my feet,
body parts that linkers as the devoured
mind, becomes the cannibals of war,
yellow heroin to end the pain, death
sentence as the guns go off, sleeping
in the grave yard which man call freedom,
who gives a dam about the war that lives within?
to live are to dye, to live within a hell;
only man could understand, as the bodies lie,
upon my trust, children liquidated as animals;
in the oh say can you see, waking up
as the bullets fly upon their head, why are we here?
in a strange land? Who is this?
a man who must die to continue to live;
on land that God has given without a price tag.

Screams from the grave I have killed my brother
I walk the cold streets, hands in my
pockets, hunger that
Eats at my bones, no warmth to
ease the cold nest of the night,
People walking back and forth,
tears upon my cheeks,
Laughter that feels the air, a world that
Lives within its own space.
Card board boxes that I seek,
Back doors that empty food
Within the street, I hunt like a
dog who seeks for food.

A man with a thousand voices, like
the cover of a book, the content
changes the world. Freedom of
expressions quoted by dreams.
A mind that refuses to be converted
shall not be silence to hope.
The death of my brother blood on the back staircase,
With blood running from his mouth.
The source of the battle ground of a darken soul,
Who refused to link, hoping of a better
understanding when he returns? You
have killed my body, but my spirit shall return.
Siren lights criminals on patrol, wrapped up
like a peace of meat, waiting to be stuffed and burned.
Asiatic Black man elements of the earth.
Thou have killed my brother.

The sins of the parents which is passed on
Unforgivable actions, genocide by the
devils children who pass on instant death.
The child lynched by a bureaucracy that
man throw stones, the sins of the parents
that have fell upon the children of Gods giving grace.
The devil bares arms against the zombies
who sleep their selves to death.

Captivity brings captivity; there is no
place to hide, upon the closed doors
of disgrace. Babies who are snatch
upon the cradle, as the blind continues
to feed arms; with toxins to kill the unborn;
before they reach the light of the earth.
Suicide upon the blood; their parents,
who make love within the garbage
disposals of the taunted wound.

I pledge allegiance to which it
stands, I the murder of my brother,
Under the blood of justice man
who turns his back on Gods law.
I shall repeat the horrors each
time I close my eyes, the death that smells
Upon my trust, memories of the
blood that stood before my gun.
Jesus Malcolm, Martin, Medgar, Huey,
They never got their respect until
they were dead. Toxin black pride
Give me my flowers while I am alive.

Brothers in sister stand together upon the night,
hooded faces and families that link together
under the name of the blood, historical
images draped in designers smock,
singing the song of the hood, we shall
over come, ghetto heaven upon my turf,
the history will not be re runner when they
hanged my brother to the cross,
bonded history chains of thunder,
deception of my brother Jesus who
they hanged upon the cross. Ghetto
spirituality they all came in black face.

I shall never turn my back on my brother;
only those who hide behind the crosses,
Oh what a bitter taste that man pledge
upon the cross, I wear the armor of
the just, hate me be me, a hero is
nothing but a sandwich, when
deception plays its coarse.
Brothers who sat at the table
deceiving the savior, this story no longer will be told,
Under standing the history of deception
I stand with my brothers one by one,
The laws of the ghetto and eye for and
eye a tooth for a tooth, my brothers who
stand in the sanctuary of know double cross.

The ritual of death the blood shall lye upon mans hand.
The warriors of death shall meet the
almighty God which his tongue shall confess.
The army of death for there shall be
no partisans of the holocaust that
have sanction life In the name of
freedom for all. I sit upon the rock
as the world pleas its cause.

The man that walks with armored Gun.
So who is man who speaks for thy almighty God?
who have broken all Gods laws?
The hell and the fury which he
stands before the man man laws.
I walk upon this land a gift from
God, birth through a tomb of an
un righteous whore, when holy
came through love, I am angered
of the taunted womb that brought me cross.

God gave in love, and the devil tricked
my mama abomination to my cause.
I don’t live the laws of the earth,
I live by the codes of God, call me
ghetto heaven, I fight my brothers
cause, many may not understand
the history of my Klan, but the
savior who gave trust was tricked
by a black face in the name of love,
they hanged him to the cross,

I live with the armor of those who
fought my cause, I shall not turn
the cheek to the destruction of
my name call black man.

copywrite2004 Noumi Collectives
Author reserve all rights to collectives


In God We Trust