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Breathe the scent of paradise, Exhale the tenderness of its history, centered love around the universe; Watch the lights of my face. Images from the past and near, Count the times I say I love you, Listen as my heart speaks, Joy will be the center of your universe, Exhale the breath of paradise.

Tempo low, the love Is in the air, wrap your arms around me, as I take you to another level of love, exhaling the scent , chocolate wrapped around symbolic images of fragrances that enter wind with the thoughts of love, Play that song for me, watch the temple rise, as I sing sweet songs of melodies, Buried deep in the turmoil, deepening, caging, calming vibrations, O’ have I herd these words, Freedom, Mama I sing the blues I felt the pain of a un civilize embrace, but I rise to the source of unity, mama I sing the blues, , My man dose not love me, I must make the man, desire the women with all of the tunes.

Soft black roses, bottle of wine embrace the spirits, candle lights lit un veil the greatness, to start the night, Roses upon the blue print of transformations, my hierology bed, soft music above my head, images of desires unity that cries to be freed, as my man sits still. As I ordained him with divine love, Oh sing that song for me, It brings back memories, of the days that I once new, the nights that I will spend with you. Speak not, allow me to take you to the waterfalls of love, sweet smell of love, Hold on, I shall do the rest.

Scream If you must, I will move to another pleasure, as you rest, Mother Africa sings, I rise, tender as the night, wrapped in chocolate, ebony nations my universe. Ivory towers unit, the brother who rises from the heavens, Cry the joys of your ancestors, powerful grounds of great love, Mama I sing the blues, Sweet as the doves that fly upon my head, soft as the life line, that centers the universe which I spread, Give me love, give me hope, give me pleasure, the fires burn through the night, the water falls simmers the heat of love.

Copywriter 2002