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Elegance of a pure heart

By Jacqueline Amos


Inhaling love
feeling no pain for self
Yearning for the symbols of love
Looking for nothing in return

Hear the songs of the humming birds
Hear the songs of great men
Hear the sounds of pure love
Yearning for the inner soul
Inspirations of the giving heart
Fighting the battle of sobering thoughts

Moments of innate love
Concerns, elegance of a pure heart.
Invading the darkness, bringing light
The spoken words of God's love,
I cry not for me, I cry for the world
Divine love brings peace upon the earth.

Visions of a love,
streaming rivers,
Heaven that opens wide,
Doves that fly above me head,
the elegance of the pure at heart.

Copywriter 2002 Jacqueline Amos

I elegance of the pure at heart, I cry not for me, but the lost at heart, my eyes are the windows of great love, Yearning for the inner soul, to bring forth great love.

 Ancient Dust
By Jacqueline Amos

Oh thou face is covered with Sand, as I shield from the breeze that drifts across my face. Oh who is thou who wear my name, tarnishing it with shame, I the Ancient dust, turns as my legacy is unjust, I cannot sleep, I must rise, to protect my legacy. Shades of insanity, pretense of humanity, call me an empty shell of Ancient death, what do they look like? My self, I cannot protect me from me. Movements that dignify my temple, for reasons of greed, the deceptions of a want to be.

Atonement of spirituality growth, internal an external, circle of life, shrines, and temples, bestowed upon fruitful words. Psychological Lynching, activist, Only expressions for self, l revolutionist, Singing oh Mary dont you weep, Pimping ministers, thank you Jesus devils, prostituting my Heavenly Fathers Name. Oh Yea, Oh Yea, come from beneath the cloth of my sanctuary, leading my people to hell.

I Ancient Dust cry out in disbelief, entrapment of Satan beliefs.
Subsiding to the warriors of hell. One who bows to the submission of Hell? Conversions of destructions, who speaks for great love,
Capitalistic dysfunctions, all in the name of hell.
Social workers who are not social, Women prostitute, the temple, closes to God.  Pet files glorified in the temple, clothed with religious cloth, which represent my lord. Dope dealers preying on the young, hide by those who swear to protect my Liberty, White powder laced with hell.

The Lights go out, and those who are sworn to protect my dignity, and the land which I may walk free, Sit in darkness and plan how they will destroy me. Hate comes in all colors, who am I to watch for, if they also look like me, Hidden deceptions of who is, and what is, and who is who, Shield by the living hell.

I Ancient Dust will no longer heal, to the destruction of man, as he continues to defame, my honor, Under Satans Authority, will be no longer. Paradise of my prison, Belly of the beast, Maintaining dispend, Oh say can you see, Mama the man in mask is trying to kill me, Be afraid of life, not death, Revolution for the just, and not the thieves that linger within the night. Infractions of hate, that covers my door,

See and self-destructions, Functional Literate, Walk like a man, talk like a man, Where satins horns. Extermination, Hate me, be I, Society program to destruct. Betrayal by a place called earth.
I Ancient Dust cry no more; I have return, to claim my rightful place, Cry not for me, Cry for the world, as it self-destruct. Trampling on creations. Of the Ancient Dust.

There shall be no second chance. Battlefields of blood wasted, Greed and Ignorance, Descendants who brought great wealth, Weakness of men, No man falls without shame. I reclaim my name of love, and good grace, be gone Satan there is no rightful place for you upon this earth.

Imbibing the spoken words with disgrace, The Ancient hat return to claim his rightful place. Battle cry belligerency will not be erasing. Freedom the spirits cry, Ancient spirits awake, They will never rest, disgrace to there names, by many who have no claim.
Derisions, of the holy grounds, the symbols of emblems that set before, the devil as he steals from the Universe.
The sounds of roars, the seas cry out, the skys roars of thunder, the ancient dust, have return. Open Lynching, of the spoken words, will be deleted.

Copywriter 2002 Jacqueline Amos

Words Mother Of The Universe

By Jacqueline Amos




I mother of the Universe give great wisdom of love,

Among the valley an the sun,

I bring honor to earth,

The Universe,

The incubation of my land.

I set forth the footprints,

I set forth



Look through the windows of my mind.

Beneath the seas,

I walk with the torch,

The light that shines upon women,

The gift from God.


The hardest times in this life,

The love, which is given

, Without love in return.

Let not life burden your heart,

Sanctuary of Gods love,

Shall always reveal peace and love


Who art in Gods name comes in love,

Shall always be blessed with the jewels of God.

For thane will be the kingdom of great love.


Thou may he live upon this land,

Although you might not see,

Thou art is in the sky.

Freedom yearns, for the resurrection of man,

Pyramids of the universal life.

Treasures that reflect truth.

I women must stay strong.

Spirits created by the ocean, rebirth,

Affirming real things.


Symbolic images, of the great,

Women, who live within Gods grace.

Calming vibrations of the earth.

Rivers of the Nile, Queens of great titles,

Women the gift of God.

Wearing the scent of great love. Purifying the essence of the sanctuary of women.


Passive faith, thy open to grace, thy have no power without grace, I rise in the name of women, in the name of rebirth, in the name of the Universe, First in the name of the holy sanctuary of Gods grace.


Copywriter 2002