Sista's Pledge




Women Many Colors And Faces

By Jacqueline Amos



I reclaim my identity for all man to see

I come in many colors faces and shades,

I reclaim my identity on this day

That I will never be a shame of who I am


My man ask me why am I so aggressive in who I am

And why do I anger when he approaches me

Which he said he didnt understand

Oh how I miss the smell of honeydew

The thought of having your name

Why must I be defamed of the gifts of a womens dream

Am I just a garbage disposals for your unwanted needs


When you a banded me and left me alone

I became the warrior of your home

I never wanted it to be this way

But I had to be the warrior where my children must lay

Submissive to my own pain

You walk out and left your family tree

Never caring about your children and where you laid

Stripped me of my womanhood

And castrated me of all my dreams


You look for honor to be displayed

Who cries for me submissive to the mistakes I created for my children

They will now carry the curse

No father in his family tree

I am the incubator of your creations

You a banded me I sing of rebirth

And walk tall with dignity.












Wisdom Worth More Than Silver And Gold

By Jacqueline Amos



Wisdom worth more than silver and gold

The soul worth more than the man

Who lives for the earth?

Loyalty worth more than a man who has no honor to self

Love greater than silver and gold.

Trust stronger than the lion that roars

Knowledge worthless with honor of self

Understanding rationalization what comes first

What comes last? Honor worthy than thieves in the night.




Man a symbol of the world that he walks in Gods light

The scholar who has no in- sight on life.

 Love the Websters of Gods house

Sacrifice the resurrection of life.

Spirituality the wisdom that is ordained by God

Ignorance mans deadly sin.



Jealousy the killer of all men and hatred that follows in its place

Words of wisdom, which is delivered

The words that shines through great men.

Wisdom the lion of success strength of men

Who walks in the light of God?

Love greater than all, which is upon this earth

Wisdom worth more than silver and gold.


Copywriter Jacqueline Amos 2001











 Why Do You Cry Cage Bird

By Jacqueline Amos   


There is no harm where your wings shall embrace

There is no danger that linger above your gates

Why do you cry? The skies are filled with love.


Outside your gates you linker for dear life

The bees that hum above your head

The butterflies so beautiful as they spread t here wings

Why do you cry? The beauty which you posses

The fruits of the land are which you eat



As the humming bird sings

And the crickets sing the harmony

The flowers open and the bees eat of the dew

The sweetness, which you may live,

 the love that you may give.

           I cry because of the fog in the air

I cry that man has no conscious of the creations that God gave

I cry that I am just a creature and man is so big

I cry that the world will embrace the love of all men

I cry that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Who will give with the pure heart and no disclosures?

I cry as the angels flap their wings.


Who is who will be deceived? I feel safe upon my space

I sing of rebirth and love that shall race

I have attempted many times to fly with grace

The world looks upon my cage

There is no weeping the humbleness of my turf

I have and will embrace the love of gods grace

Worry not for me I am the key

The space, which I dwell, will continue to keep me safe


Beauty as the world, which it could be

Dont cry for me, When God returns I will fly

I will spread my wings, humble of those who speaks the words of truth

I am the cage bird with the third eye above my head


                                                 Copywriter 2002 Jacqueline Amos












Nubian Prayer

By Jacqueline Amos


Oh father my bones are tired

I cant get much sleep

I cried all through the night

Tossed and turn until the morning light

I have been the eye that man could see

I have been his feet that he may lead

I have been the shoulder that man may lean




Lord oh Lord only you know the trouble I have seen

Take my soul lord and purify my heart

Take my hands and baptize my love

Take my words that it may be the insight to love

Oh lord I have been the belly of the beast for all man cause

The nights are getting darker and the days are short

I have felt the pain of civilization

I continue to carry the scars

Rise me my father that I may regain my strength



Without you lord I am nothing and my bones are tired

I am worried and I cant go on much longer

I stand with the torch my spirit is no longer willing.

My sons no longer cry for me

I walk alone through the dark

Without you lord, I could know longer carry the torch

 Copywriter Jacqueline Amos 2001













The Gift From God

By Jacqueline Amos



Oh God how I thank you for allowing a unworthy soul as mine.

 To be the link of love in your eyes

There are many who will never any.

But your eyes are always open for the lost souls.

Oh father the power of love, which you share.


Those who turn their heads to your gift as well as your love.

There will never be known as you.

The nights get shorter and the days are long

When I cry you are always there.

You make me embrace every day as it comes.

As the days come when the world just dont care.


Heavenly Father you send me tokens of love.

As you protect me from self.

Oh God such a joyful noise.

Many times I get weak and the world just brings me to my feet.

You turn me around father and the laughter feel the air.


You have always been there when I called never forsaken me.

I give thanks for your love. Each day I give of self.

You took me to a higher level of love.

You taught me to talk to you and humble my self.

As your message comes though loud and clear.

As I lay upon my bed, you sent halos to my head.


The lost souls who dont realize that heaven are on earth.

When you surrender your self. The angels will then come.

And the skys open to love. Oh such a joyful noise.


Copywriter 2001 Jacqueline Amos

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