Brooklyn Black Film Festival
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James Pop Gaskins has been a resident of Crown Heights Brooklyn for over twenty years. Pop loves his people and his family and will almost do anything to make his people happy. He planted flowers and tree to uplift the community in the 90s , he brought a building in hopes of making a community center where the neighborhood youth can operate, gain knowledge and get off the streets. He has an open door policy for the neighborhood youths and was successful in completely eliminating the gangs in the area. I guess that could be a good reason why he holds a title Ambassador to World Peace. As a musician, and singer, Pop has influenced many youths to pursue their musical talent and careers. He has worked with many A-list artist such as ODB, Buddha Monk, Papa Wu, Kurtis Blow, Professor X, Fonda Rae, BT Express, and MOP, Brass Construction, Empress Isis, Preach, DaSo and many more. Pop has a single coming out soon, titled To Nite You Left Me Lonely, which was featured on the soundtrack Goodnite Charlie. His music video has received top reviews and he is currently working on his album. He is an actor singer, mentor, producer of film, president of B-Boy Records and community leader. To his credit he has produced Brooklyn Park festival and helped with festival and fundraiser at Restoration Plaza, in Brooklyn. He is Associate producer of the award winning film Knuckle Game, founder of Ms. Loveborn Beauty Pageant, Queens of New York, and the Event Coordinator for the non profit organization The Committee to Honor Black Heroes. His dream is to see people happy and doing what they love. His motto Hug one another, Love one another See Pop Gaskins in the motion picture world premiere THUG KIDZ, On August 26, 2006, at the Billie Holiday Theatre. A Kenya Cagle film. check out the flyer