Toney Williams

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"Mona's Blues"--New Recording.


Toney Williams  graduated from the school of visual arts, he receive his  Bachelor Degree from Parson School of Design, he is a native of Brooklyn N.Y
In reviewing Toneys profile I have unveil one of the true masters, of black jazz, rock and blues, Toney exhibits a professional and unique style for the revolution of blues, jazz, rock,  I see a true profitable legacy that will go down in centuries to come, awaiting the new generations of the 21century, many musicians as the monk, and many who has contribute to blues aesthetics, keeping it alive the masters;
I am impress by Toneys Williams perfection,  Toney Williams will be sharing his links to his up coming, and completed Cd's, look out world welcome to a new heritage of blues; I find that he has mastered all the components and the structure in committing himself to the foundations of blues, not only is he creative in his passions, but he has a dynamic way of expressions, In my observation of Toney Williams profile, he have created masters of masters, waiting for the world to reach out and enjoy the fine arts of his work.