Black Velvet And Band
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The All Starz Band Founder Jimmy Hill


Charles Bradley , Jimmy Hill, Lady Blues Dottie Diva, is one of the most hottest groups in Brooklyn N.Y. Lady Blues Dottie Diva has become a mile stone to black women in Jazz, in reviewing  Dottie as she performs she has a style of her own, she bring class and perfection to her viewers,  Lady Blues Diva has surrounded her self with multi fans, she has given by to the world black jazz the honor of those who came before her, Dottie Diva brings back the style of Bessie Smith, and those who bring back the sweetness of those who came before her.


Jimmy Hill one of the most Popular bands in Brooklyn, he has played with some of the most prestige musicians in the industry,  Jimmy Hill  have put the synopsis of Brooklyn night on its own legacies of the great legends, that have pass through and continue to bring blues and jazz to the big B Brooklyn Night Life.  I have observed Mr. Jimmy Hill in his dynamic entertainment over 15 years he is the token of Brooklyn nites, establishments. Jimmy have played for  the late Rose Melody, Earl Dugger,  Sticky Boy Productions, he is also a producers of great sounds of the new world black jazz, it gives me honor to document the new revolution of Jazz and Blues in Brooklyn NY. There is a book coming out in the future, the anthology of the Brooklyn Night Entertainment.