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Black Velvet performances cloaks the original Father of Soul, His hair due that shines and the tuxedoes that  gleams in the eyes of his audience, Charles Bradley, Black Velvet spices up his audience; His objectives was to give people more than they expected, in my observation of Black Velvet a spiritual human being, but strong in his beliefs, the mile stone he over came, the blessings of a hero has come full force, in my synopsis of Charles Bradley a mentor, who he truly believed in, became the greatness of his loyalties and impressions of the Father Soul James brown,

  when performing he grabs for the audience attention to praise his first love, the all mighty God, in interviewing Mr. Bradley who I have known for a few years, have stated his goal was to "give people more than what they came for, Black Velvet in my personal opinion is the rebirth of James Brown, not only is he the rebirth, but the testimony that faith shall over ride fear.


Charles Bradley met the God Father of Soul when he was a teenager, in this obtrude of his survival, he kept hope alive, and made his fears and bad times a great legacy, he got too say fair well in the image of his hero he truly admired,  Black Velvet caught the media’s attention, his voice captured many peoples attention, it was as the God Father entered his body, and came back alive, his audience continue to embrace the living reprisal of the God Father of  Soul,


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