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Sunday, 14 January 2007
The Homeless Seeker
Topic: Homeless Men

To take A male child under the ruler of woman,
the mother without any male role
who he would identify as man and father.
Under the norms he begin to resent
woman the mother and his resentment will be
passed on to all women.
Nevertheless he blocks out instructions,
and the aggressor of his mother.
Many times he take it out on the world.
Keeping it real look within the reality
of the cause and effects.
This is why it is important the
Man should be in their lives.

Planting the seed that women is always in control,
when the aggressor becomes the women role,
nevertheless she is the mother, there becomes
resentment after the child has left home,
it then leaves a disk of the instructions
that was presented when he was a child,
the importance of father gives the structure of man
and leadership within the image of men.

To be a man empowered by women sometimes send the signal that he is less than a man.
The toxin that flows through the blood
and the capitation of leadership within self.
The ideologies of being a man are hard to over come.
Only by instructions of women which he can view self.
The deactivation comes within the family tree.
The reverse syndromes become the hatred
of his own seeds. Hating the liberties
that he feels has been generated by the black women’s demands,

Implanting the hatred within his own family tree,
there would be no sense of identity,
repression that sets the stimulation to incubate
breaded embolisms cloned to another
generation of re-living the pass instead of the slave master another substance of control mother, women, the cloning the image of what women think.

Mother, women, wife, rebellion the censorship of man. Nevertheless the man is not in the home, the resentment  of mother always passed on as recycle baggage into relationships, marriages, and what man thinks the chains that he cannot release.

Within the mind set of man feeling relinquished of his rights By another mans demands, is it the slave master syndromes
is it the controller the mother when there is no man in the home, repress by the loyalties of women the provider of his needs.
Between violence and silence only a man can search
Deep within self, to restore order the empowerment
that will help him over come the resentment of   woman, And help him to have a healthy relationship forgiven the curse separation of family needs the fruits that create great men.

Evaluations of power, Mastery of Self.
Man of integrity the minister of spirit.
Finding of principals might of power,
meekness, and simple laws of loving self.
The hero or the coward saving self.

The soul that dies a thousand times,
when the soul of will would die once.
The reign of dignity,
the spirit of master imagery the mind,
that thinks for self.
Submission of pain shall never over ride,
the inner development of will.

The man within his own,
abominations of definitions,
surely he feels his concept,

is the spoken words of deliverance,
without the understanding of what a man
is and should be.
Wisdom blacked out within his own definitions.
Nevertheless, he never learned wisdom,
are the words holy,
A man who don’t identify,
with the creator who made him.

Stripping man of his identity a gift from
God; the murder of an image
Abomination before God.
Nevertheless it is the will of some men.
To take on the image of woman
and loose his control of man.
Man the spiritual wisdom of his tree,
Nevertheless he was never taught he
was the image of thy God.

All women are not mothers because many
were not taught the definition of woman.
Nevertheless it is not the blame game
upon culture, it is the ignorance
that plague our family tree.

Power of adaptations the tunnel,
that shines upon the light.
The prophet that bleeds peace of mind.
The drawings of a stroll,
the Kings of Kings proscribed
Laws of the prophets, prophecy,
transitions, humanity, reality, self restraint
Power of suggestions,
how the script is displayed.
Upon the windows of great minds.

Transforming the formative state of mind,
the mastery of suggestions,
Action and re-actions. Bondage of freedom
cloven in a demonstrating symbolic frame,
the ancestor’s translations of the mastermind.
Mastery of self, how mind rules the body.
What God has ordained no man can erase,
it’s not reversible it will only destruct if it is not in Gods plan.

Finding of suggestions the master,
peace of the mind.
Finding the solutions that join, uniting power.
Concentrating mythologies that speak out loud.
Its not the theorize but the metrologies,
that fits the peaces,
of a puzzle, the picture can not be corrected,

The actions of mans attempt,
shall be the glory of great hopes.
Which man is created only by the divine,
specific action,
of creations that any can be called the Son of God,
those who live upon the flesh is flesh, God is Spirit.
The basis of action cannot be found.

Mythological images, wearing the scent of death,
buried deep in the turmoil of dark.
Denial wide than the river of the black Nile.
The two masters self and truth,
the acquirements of spiritual power,
man and perceptions, and sincerity,
energy and power to the free mind.
Indoctrinations of liberations the words,
that shines through great men.

Constant cries of thunder, legacies of retractions,
taunting the invoices, crying let me free.
The basics signs of actions can be death,
by ones own hands.

Conscious, cosmic, the law of consciousness’,
free among the free,
power of the eliminations of thoughts,
energy and power, actions and reactions,
free among the free.
Transforming power of mind






Posted by jackieamos2 at 10:34 PM EST
The Player
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Single Women

A lot of men lie and manipulate their way into a woman's panties. I think women shouldn't lie and cheat to get a man. I think women and men should give each other the utmost respect; I think we should compliment each other; Everyone loves compliments; And be open and honest; This is the only way to get true love; Now at the beginning when we're trying to get to know each other take it slow; Let the feelings and love grow gradually naturally. If you don't, one of the two will have stronger feelings than the other. And, if this happens, you're kind of at the mercy of the other person. Hopefully, that person is of good character and will not take advantage of you and your feelings. We all are weak  in love or have very deep feelings for someone. Be careful...I've heard many women speak of "running over" a man if he's weak and doesn't stand up for himself,doesn't put his foot down. "Running over" that man is a testament to your character or lack thereof beware the player don't get captured by his own game. It is also a testament to a man's character if he runs over a woman who loves him dearly. You may not love a person...but be woman or man  to not take advantage of them.

Let us raise our consciousness to a higher level and protect others from themselves if we have to. Trust me...your turn is coming;

 for most Brothers, in relationships begin with a visual inspection of  prospective mate. Since most men are sexually aroused ,

Brothers have improved their bodies that many women cannot exist. I call it economic dilemma, working on an entrustment of physical attraction to gain there prey.

Understanding that men and women they will do anything; to please a man, even if it’s selling their pride, look at the picture and understand;

 that the frame will not fit unless brothers teach.


the curve in her hips, the glow of her smile, the rise of her breasts, and the color of her hair or eyes, these physical traits are the first things that are viewed when bringing together for compatibility. Let’s face facts, we each have our own idea of the perfect mate, and each individual’s criteria are different, but it all begins with what we find sexually attractive.

Although this criterion for compatibility varies widely from male to female, we all look for a sexually attractive mate who is as attracted to us as we are to her. Even though most brothers won’t admit it, we all have experienced that moment when we saw a brother who we wanted to get with, but he didn’t want us. In other words, we didn’t meet his  qualifications for compatibility, but he met ours. In keeping it real, I have to also mention that there have been instances where I met a brother criterion for  but he failed to meet mine. So, I would say that a   degree of sexual attraction is the essential ground of any  relationship.

Posted by jackieamos2 at 10:31 PM EST
Updated: Sunday, 14 January 2007 10:53 PM EST
The Woman Hater
Topic: Women Haters

It is said that men have three types of women.
1, He Loves, 2. A Friend 3. One He Dogs;
Many men will not admit to this but keeping it real.
How would you rate each one?
The purpose of me asking this question;

Many brothers say that they find there prey by body language,
How women express themselves they can see weakness
And strength. It is more like dissecting ones prey.
Is this true are is it just a myth?
Without breaking the code of silence of men,
Why is the giving woman a target to be dog?
This is only an assumption; I am not a man
so let's say second hand information;
 men and women we all look at things different this would
help women understand why men put
Women in certain categories.

Understanding the game that many brothers play, a woman must Be secure within self, before she ventures out in a relationship with any man. Many sisters feel they cannot live without a man, but sisters when you build your strength within your self, you will smell the dog before he gets near, now I am not saying all men are dogs, but many time we women settle, we try to convence ourselves we will change them, but the only person who will be change is you, and when he gets finish drainning you, you will be know good to you, are anybody who would be serious in establishing a relationship, sometimes it is better to dis associate your self until you are stronger enough to understand whats going own. See the new game is tell you what you want to hear, and make you fall in love with them, and then you become hook and you will become his free whore.. He will verbally abuse you, miss use you, and dog you, and you will continue to come back in hoping he would change.

I have associated my self with many men in my life; friendship rather than intimate partners, with age the association became clear, when maturity is respected, then being a strong women takes charge, I don't put my self in the same category as all women, during my years of maturity my brothers always kept me in check, nevertheless they were my home boys, when ever I strayed they brought me back.

Keeping it real; many women fear knowledge, of who and what a real man is.  There are men and there are boys, but a real man knows and respects a real sister when he greets one; I was no angel in my younger years, but I have grown to respect the word  man. I am still learning the concept of how men think, living in a tunnel vise mind, and changing the person who lives within, looking at it through a spiritual perspective; man was made in the image of God, nevertheless he may cohabitate in lustful desires, he will frown on a woman, because she has disrespected her crown, nevertheless I have also fell short in my own sins of disgust. When you live for the earth, blindness will surely cloud your thought.

A woman has to invoke feelings of trust & loyalty in a man. Someone who a man enjoys spending time with in & out of bed. A woman with similar, or complimentary goals in terms of family & future; A woman that a man can respect, who he feels will be a good mother to his children, I can say this ladies: From personal experience and from observing other doesn't take a man that long to determine whether or not he wants to marry a woman.

Many women never learn the definition of man, followers without leaders, the idiot box television dictates there thoughts, my brothers must understand that all women are not the same, and one must be accountable for there own sins, we must also understand.Step back and look at the picture, self destruction all bitches are the same, also remember that ignorance is always intimidated by knowledge, many women as well as brothers have never learned the word love are neither holy. Sisters I understand times get hard, and sometimes one may have to ease there hands out the lions den, keeping it real, but my mama taught me, the first thing in being a woman is security, security taking care of self, and accepting benifits if it is given freely, now sisters let me tell you about the real man and the boy, when you put the click click on him, he will do every thing your want, he may leave but thats in your favor, because you will know the reason for this, it was'not real, see a man ego is bigger than his hold body, he will do anything you want if the click click is down and chain, once the click click is given, he is on his way to the next victim.

Many sisters are afraid of truth, but truth claims no friendship, many women are the prodigy of their environment and refuse to let go. I can understand the theology of how men think, men were raised by women, so who am I to question there thoughts?

Posted by jackieamos2 at 9:23 PM EST
Updated: Sunday, 14 January 2007 10:22 PM EST
Sisters Never Make A Whore Your Best Friend
Mood:  loud
Topic: Whores

<P>The hardest time in my life was trying to make friends with a whore, if I would have paid more attention I would have been more aware what was about to happen, excuse me ladies I am quiet sure you have ran into these types of hutchies, who live  On there self made throne; well sisters the fastest way to get a knife In your back is too deal with a low life whore. She has know conscious, the only thing she will think off is hes self and a man, it is nothing wrong with feeling good about your self, but when it comes to a point when everything is about money and sex, there’s a problem there, the devil is only loyal to self, beware of those who butter you up with you are my sister, they will tell you every thing you want to hear, they will billed your confidence unto they get into your good grace, and this is when the problem will begin, don’t be educated, responsible, and a go getter, these are the type of women they target, you will be the most hated, many times when we are secure we let our guards down it is called  revenge, do you know what I mean, if you have a good man, you wont have him long, because she will be telling him everything you have said in confidence; and then a little more, its like watching Jerry Springer, there purpose is only to destroy any one they come in contact with, and when she leashes on to your man, she will be telling you how great she is, and you didn’t know how to hold on to your man.


<P> Men are weak not making exceptions to there wrongs, but if a female is your best friend, then the responsibility lies  heavy in your friendship, beware of the homeless whores, if someone through them out, believe me they have tried the same Salvatore with them,   Don’t be confuse with the presentation she might wear. Sisters I can get

<P>Right down and dirty and tell you some of the under handed and low life things I have encounter with whores; trying to be a Friend with a whore was my worse mistake, they are very sneaky with it, they will not show it in the beginning, they will try to empress on others you or the whore, they will sets traps for you, all in the name of sister hood, sisters don’t turn your back on a whore.


<P> If you allow yourself to be drained;  And distracted by someone you truly cannot help because that person does not truly want your help only your association—then you will not be in position to help those who truly want your help more, than they want your association;

 <P>Caution never invite a single women into your home when there is a man living there, this is the first sign of betrayal, know mater what you do for them they will always cut your throat;  when you are out working hard, he will be working hard in your bed with her, she will always be half naked when he is around, if she can't get him, believe me she will say he want her,  there is no loyalty among thieves, don’t look better than she do, you will be her target, don’ be bigger than her, she will always find some kind of comment to make you feel insecure about who you are, you cannot change a whore, you must leave that to God, sister’s sister’s never make a whore your best friend.

Posted by jackieamos2 at 8:56 PM EST
Updated: Sunday, 14 January 2007 9:08 PM EST
Ain't I A Women
Mood:  chillin'
Aint I A Woman
247 magnify
I thought once how my ancestors
sing the sweet songs, of love
the souls that march upon the clouds;
and the sound of the ancient drums;
Humble the elders that carry the cross
to carry the crown to place upon
the warriors heads.
The soldiers begins to beat the drums
And the spirits rise upon the clouds,
as I sing the Nubian anthem
the ancestors who brought me cross.

I saw the doves upon my head, within
the vision the saints stood tall through my tears,
the sweet, Calvary of the past, the warriors
who wear the strolls of heaven
The old souls breaking the chains,
those of my own life as the beating of the links,
that continues to flow through my blood.

A shadow across me Oh thy spirit
that follows the sun;
Weeping Oh God glory to thee
behind me, remembering the whispers
that God whispered in my ear;
remembering the words whispered; I the father you
son I shall give great honor sweet Psalms;
And a voice said in mastery,
you and I son are one.
Through the rain and the storm;
Death,” I said;
But there
the freedom bell begin to ring;
but life shall be ever lasting;

But I give to thee God's universe
I sing the songs of the mountain,
I cry out loud of the rivers;
I fall upon my knees; and sing
Oh glory God to thee;
have I heard these words thou have sing,
the doves that walk my path.

They speak and I listen!
What a joy I have known Jesus
Look upon me my child, silence shall
give you wisdom of the world.
Life is death and death is life.
So darkly upon my frame, I shall praise thee
I shall Neal.

My wings the purity of heaven,
the waters of purification,
the mountain of mastery the
scripts of life has been fulfill;
the source of wisdom, written in the blood;
The death shall only bring the
sweet taste of life,
placed there, would have confirm
that God is love;
the toll of the freedom bell ring. God has
come to bring his warriors home;
from God than from all others,
Oh my spiritual ancestors that guides me
through the tunnel of righteousness;
Men could not part us with their worldly demise,
the seas and the mountains sings; change us
Our hands would touch for
all the mountains of the Calvary Of love;

And heaven stood before the universe,
And spoke with a deep voice
I reclaim my creations; the
devil shall now go to hell;
the blood of thy angel who follows me
within the spirit of calm.
Their sweet sound of faith,
the soul call desire, the
psalms call wisdom. The mastery
called unity;
Mother of mastery have concluded
her journey, the womb begins
to rest. The embroidery of life,
the lace of success, the breast milk of
Creations implemented through the heart;
Which brings light to man.

Ain’t I A Woman

I have felt the pain of my ancestors.
I have been the queen of my sanctuary.

Ain’t I a Woman?

I have educated my self and live by
the words of my God, I the black berry
vein sweet as the honey that
drips from my roots.

Ain’t I a Woman?

I have been the warrior of my turf
the backbone of my man.

Ain’t I A Woman?

Oh thy glory to thy God
I hold the chains above my head
The bolts upon my feet
The scars upon my mind
Mother”””” Father””””
Glory to God I cry
Freedom’ Freedom” Freedom”

I birth you within my womb
I felt the pain between my knees
I felt your first pain.

Ain’t I a Woman?

You took the first breast of milk
the labor of nine months
the suffering the swollen feet
near death I chose you over me
the scars of thy ancestors.
The sins of the son’s
of nations that sit upon the alter;
I fought the revolution
they also hanged me from the tree
I sit in homage that my son
shall be free.

Captivity continues to breed captivity
Oh thy spirit of souls
guide me thought the light
I cannot breathe
the souls of souls
choke me as I breathe
Lord thy God send the
spirits of thy ancestors
that I reclaim my family tree.
Oh thy God I am blind I cannot see
before the forest have risen up
and blind me the torch no longer
burns oh thy Glory to God
I give to thee.

I was the masters play toy
As well as his children mama
I felt the pain of all
the flesh that came through my womb;

Ain’t I worthy of your last name?
Ain’t I a Woman?

I the sanctuary of nations
Breeder of creation
the link between the heavens and earth.

Ain’t I a Woman?

The treasures of God

Ain’t I a Woman?

All Things In The World Are Two

If I cut off my right hand I shall have one.
The foundation of balance becomes weak.
If I pluck out my right eye;
I shall only glaze the side of the left
Things become fuzzy and distrait.
If I live in the tomb of the dead;
the soul has lost its temple;
The body and the soul cannot live without two;
The mind cannot live without air;
The voice cannot speak without tongue;
Love cannot live without heart;
Sadness and Love beyond the norm;

If I separate my self from man
I shall not bear great fruit.
If I live without father,
My child will become lost
without the other spouse.
If I live the land without conscious
I live without thought.
If I live without unity
My foundation will surely fall apart.
A house divided shall not stand.
Man the heaven and the hell.
Things come in twos.
Destructions come with the division of man.

I am all women the color
of my skin speaks not for my
heart; the women the womb the closes to God.
The pen speaks as the blood of
the palms cry; the fountain of blood.
These are the last days what have not been done,
shall not be completed.
Women summons by God nations of nations,
the hand writing is written
on the wall. Let every tongue confess and
every knee shall kneal; God is God
alone their is know back door barginning with God.


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Updated: Sunday, 14 January 2007 10:56 PM EST

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