I Cried The Blood Against All Oppositions

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The dialogue on this site is spoken in the language of the ancestors back during the days of slavery.


De’ Master Litigations

I was deprived of myself of my own body, soul, and spirit, and I am free only because I succeeded in escaping the clutches of the man who claimed me as his property, within the darkness of his adventures, the light appeared upon my face, Remembering the words of the almighty no weapons shall form against you, through my thermals and extensions of un reprisal detention, I reclaim my self from the singulars of destruction, made my escape into emancipation, a free state, and it is a pleasing coincidence the survival of the land call beast anthology, I stood at the walls of reimbursement, in the Royal Chambers of deliverance, in the stroll of emancipation of inheritances, yet I sing not the song of slavery, I was never a slave, I was emancipated through my mothers womb, and injected by my fathers seed call roots, and combining my historical roots, my brothers for life, stood upon the Calvary as the black rivers that poured in my sanctuary, succeeded by the voices that was branded within my soul, to un fold the hidden secretes of my people, who sat at the majesty stool, of great maestro, implemented and ordained by the Almighty one God, the precious Jewel, The almighty one God who rules.

The excitement that lingered within my space of time, when the celestials light beamed upon my eyes, and a voice appeared upon the light, you never were a slave, as the contentment continue to un-fold, and the voices continued to mold, the frame of a dead soul, came back to life, at last increased so much that it was thought better for me to release the rusted due upon my hand, and upon my feet, get out of the way, the darkness resolves upon thy eyes, and the body took own a new form, under the hypnotic strain of plagues that centers the inner soul of de’ man, the master demon, might use some strategies to get me back into his clutches. I am here then in order to avoid the scent of the bloodhounds of Satan, spreading light on the subject, slave inducement, the mentality of slave system. There is nothing slavery dislikes so much as the light. It is a gigantic system of iniquity who continues to breed from the blood stream, and their shell be know anecdotes, the only anecdotes to succeed the power of its toxins, is the Almighty God of Love, The Son of darkness that feeds and lives in darkness, and, like a tree with its roots turned to the sun, it perishes when exposed to the light.

I shall sing no glory to the serpent in the name of master; Un controlling inferno’s is allowed by law to hold his slave; as his possession and property, indoctrinating a man, that is held in capture of his own assisted death, like a moderate case of retardation, inclusion and sanctions by the darkness of thought, which means the right of one man to hold property in his fellow. A man is a man by his own accordance and when dictated by another man, makes him become the holder of the slave mentality, No one have power over the mind, only if given freely, the slave master the coward that hides behind the mask, and the submissive who follows in his way, The master can buy, sell, his slave as well as any other property; he shall decide , who shall live or who shall die, he shall have his women, and defame him, as the coward who follow orders upon the night, and tell him what he is to drink, where and when he shall sleep, and where his children should sleep, and sale to the highest bidder, as he sleep with his teenage daughter, I have carried the burden too long, I stand on the grounds that my black man shall not be the butt genocide of the black race. Oh my brother have he not felt the pain, He also decides for his affections, when and whom he is to marry, and, what is more enormous, how long that marriage covenant is to endure; the black man, the concubine, for the slave master woman, hanged and whip, jungle fever lived In his house, abandon his roots of self; The slaveholder exercises the bloody power of tearing conformity those whom God has joined together.

I want to awaken the slaveholder, in defense of a Blackman, his dignity beyond death, he stood tall, and died as a man, nevertheless his soul cried out loud. to a sense of the iniquity of his position, and to draw him from his nefarious habits of breeding. to encircle Black Conciseness sedentary fire, that will reflect light upon the darkness of institutions The artistic inception of the oppositions of recovery, defining dignity upon death,
Our primary objective has been the resurrection.

The subscriptions of various
Master litigations in position to a world, that continues to accept the misleading and un factual concepts of freedom, upon the free, Accessorial obligations to the constitution that was shed in the warriors of emancipation, blood that continues to flow upon the rivers of black ropes, to celebrate and exhibit the experience
an original African American scripts of scholar logy , under the emancipations of freedom,
Research, exhibition, education,
And performance the revolution of
Scientific enhancement Needless to say the view of
Historical and controversial; to relinquish the rights,
To the new order of a historic event;
In recent years generation of call survival of roots;
Taken on the mission of re-establishing





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