I Cried The Blood Against All Oppositions

I Cry The Blood

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The Alpha and Omega 2

Sons and Daughter have written the blood of my veins. Psalms that set laws and orders of my family tree the drums the spirits that sings among; the mountains, The tongue that guides my people through the night. The warriors of spirit that sings out loud through the drums the milk and honey upon the tribes. The creations of the warmth that lye
upon my mothers universe

Have he suffered as I and the abomination to a King of great horology, nevertheless I shall walk as a man, speak as a man, and flourish among my land God gives to thee. The assassins who took my caucus but my spirit lives within my blood, I the Original Black man, no duplicates shall embrace the centuries of my battle upon the abomination of earth, Oh this lint less Journey I embark, I walked the lands that no man shall touch, I died and give thy life for thee, I fought on the battlefield that my brothers be free, but yet I continue to feel the whip of treason, I the original Asiatic black man. Living in a towel, which is dictated by the earthly Gods We've been in jail for four hundred years; Black Man is the first and last: to ruin by allowing negativity to outweigh the positive. lord of all the worlds, supreme ruler of the universe which is everything, sun, moon, and stars (god is the sun in the solar system, woman is moon, child is star. Knowledge is the foundation of all in existence, for it must be "known" in order to make it manifest. Knowledge is the "light" given off by the SUN, which is the foundation of the Solar system. The legacy of the black man; Jesus the king and all and the sons of the son..

I take this time to document my brothers and sisters who have passed on, in this subservient land that we live, man who take on ego’s that are centered around who they think have given to the retribution of unified supplements to the cause of black horology , and who they appoint who have serviced there people in this Mask less event of recovery, who is subservient to fame, and know accountability for those who have given to this county of budgie deplores ,

I take this time to honor my brothers and sisters who will not be forgotten, archived in this historical event call black History, Who have fought the war of being a warrior, they will not to be forgotten in name.

Those who followed in righteousness’ a rose
by any other name still smells sweet.
The battleground of conformity, the treason's of the wicked Army, the blasphemy in the name of the heavenly father;
The beast of angels who wear the muddy crown of waters; There shall be no victory for those who sleep. The Assassins like a thief in the night. The bounty has been paid in Gold.
A man without wisdom will only repeat the same mistakes. As the loving spirit is tossed aside;
Ain't no Ghettos in the heaven
Flip the script cause the almighty is listening.
Black JUJU dust that floats within
The mind tight cads bound by the chains
To the minds.

The army of the devil controls the prisons of the land, The conformity of evil is accepted, within the darkness Of Satan plan, treason's of a people who turn there Heads to the spoken words, treason by the people Who break all the laws of God?
the prophets who stood at the door
Of Satan plans, Judas who be trade Jesus and
The devil had lost; he then hanged his own self Trader of the sons of sons.
The resurrection of the soul
justification of a powerless assumption
We shall over come, Oh what a bitter

taste of summary when the scripts has already
been written the master of wisdom carved it in a stone. A prophet name Moses read it
that all man should know.
When the brother gave you knowledge
you sent it to hell. Computations of space the oppress have bitten the bullet;Assassins from another generation.Optimistic reservations of the assassins in black face the man and the son we live the same opposition Of then and know, betrayal of self, denial of seeds, Responsibilities, that only honor self. The cycle has return.

It is not honor of a man to take a life,
for the notarization he is better than the next.Through the history of legacies,the division of a people,
and the hero is the marksman,
of a devise mind who has no loyalty of life.
To kill a hero who gives his honor to God, as the devil claims his life,
and the serpent who pretends,
that the warriors of change,
shall be killed in honor of hypocrisies,
ideology of a man made devil.

Man was made in the image of God, let’s not be fooled, who tries to steal
from the laws that God has ordained.
If we don’t respect man, where would
women be? Its not a duty but a honor in God’s name, if God said man the Image as he.
Without man there would be no family,Woman must go through man to incubate Her seed. So why do we struggle with laws
of God? Without man there would be no  Family tree, if we don’t respect man, our foundation will surely die. What God
has ordained no man shall erase, it has been a battle with honor, why is it hard to respect the one who lives within; beware of the mask;
Know the man, the boy, and the king.

Ebony the source of the warrior, the darkness that hides behind a thief who changes the book of truth, thy history shall not be hidden
Man of cowardly conformity, that sits on a thrown of elements that shall be demoted into the form of a caucus of a jack as** who only reacts to foolish tricks disgrace to there own cause, Trick analogy inclinations of a poor man who refuses to lead. The history shall not be disregards God is God, and man is foul living within a hypocrisies of his own masquerading as the source of disbelief's riches of an ebony king atheistic black man,


the original black genes is documented within the secrete source of hidden stories, Kings of Kings. Black is black and cannot be changed the jewel of the ebony king. The hooded Klan roles up the project stairs, as his inheritance slowly fades destruction by mans own right hand, Faded black shall remain.
A tunnel vise mind that refuse to lead.
I hold the key to Gods books of life, the key that shall not rust. Faded black shall never reverse. Summoned by the legacy of historical fruit, the soldier who cried blood, implemented within a bureaucracy of an unjust society, of men who wear the conservatory sheets.

The thief that stood at the back door;
To claim a inheritance, humble watch it reverse. The spoken words that flow from the heavens, which we take no glory are form,
beware of the devil he is swift and calm. The history of a king, liquidated man made ignorance, Who sales to the devil; that have stolen his jewels. Flea markets of death, as the holder

of the inheritances, throws it away
I stepped from my cell's confinement
the hell that sits upon my feet.
Humbly I speak, God protect me from my self,
The wooded logs that lye upon my house, the fires that Burn to give me light, through the light the darkness Continue to seek in, oh the grace of thy God That shelters me, who am I ? the words of Thy father, the loyal subject to Gods house. Like a cage bird, who sings for freedom, and the rage For freedom, I shall change this place call earth.