I Cried The Blood Against All Oppositions

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THE Alpha and The Omega Psalms Part 1

The time must come when one must save self, helpless only to the informative whose destruction that lingers, of saving self. The dark hall of fear is the beginning of the end treason is the key to the pain inside mind, living by the darkness, that renders, when thoughts become decade, and the struggle of not knowing self, Implanting the hatred within his own family tree; there will be no sense of identity, Repression that sets the stimulation to incubate Breaded embolisms cloned to another generation of slaves.
Dismissing our heritage, forbids the sanctuary of our inheritance, Reversing the liberties of Honor that was set before black retributions, nevertheless we sing the song of Unity, dismissing the formation of which it stands, our young has abandon the mythologies of family, and the blood runs deep within a darken space, our children no longer honor their inheritance, our man no longer respects the sanctuary of Marriage, many women are frowned and look down upon. But I stand before the allegiance of God, the mission cannot be retrieved without our love, forever heart cries within the dark, the devil has stolen the essence of our love.

Without faith there is no hope, their shall be no loyalty when we toxins the mind of our young, oh what bitter pill when you kill the life line within, to abandon the holy father, Therefore we pledge to bind ourselves to one another, to embrace our fallen, to up lift and encourage our defeated, to educate our young and enhance the liberties to teach the words wisdom, to feed the starving, to clothe our homeless, to do all good things, knowing that we are one, and implementing the spirit of change more than keepers of our brothers and sisters. We pledge to bind ourselves to one another, brothers and sisters stand together, honoring the sanctuary of marriage, joining together as family, supporting our young, mentoring to our lost, giving back to our community, and understanding the lost, to embrace our
lowliest, to keep company with our loneliest, to educate our illiterate,
to feed our starving, to clothe our ragged, to do all good things,
knowing that we the chosen of our father Almighty God, we are more than keepers of our brothers and sisters.

When he has breathe breath upon your trust,
fear not the scorns of man, for their
shall be no rewards below and above
the skies, for he shall pay, for man is
nothing without the Almighty God,
Fear not the truth, Respect, Morals,
the sins of the family tree, which is
Implemented through birth
Look within the darkness of the past,
The blinders have been release,
So who shall I blame, the darkness
That shelters my spirit, the blame
game that stops at no limits, my soul
Cries from the assistant, of my on demised
Destruction, nevertheless the color code
Within my vein, too much time crying
Upon the night, refusing to seek
Within self, I then begin to blame
the faults that lied upon my ancestors,
to demean my own self worth.
Principals, Love, Honor, must be address,
All components are necessary, Man
Who sales his soul to the world,
Men who walk without honor,
To his own self worth,
A man looks for virtuous women,
To wear his name; abandoned
And supplementing shame, allowing our
Babies to raise self, Children having children
Born though the abomination of hate,
Systematize to another generations of slave,
Death that waits their young age,

To do are to dye, to dye are to live,
Evaluation, of power, Mastery of Self;
Man of integrity the minister of spirit.
Finding of principal might of power,
Meekness, simple laws of loving self;
The hero, or the coward saving self;
The soul that dies a thousand times
when the soul of will would die once.

There are great men, never be trapped by the curse.
The identity of honor shall stand in its own place.
The like of dignity shall hit one in the face.
No the man when you see him.
Don't be trick by the mask whom comes,
trick by the swift talk of reviews, humble
and listen carefully, you may not be
able to retrieve the pain, when it
captures your heart in trickery.
In a warriors face,

within the battles we shall flow, ascending protections from thy God. Suffering shall no longer be, song as the national anthem sing, The Almighty God shall be in the front line; the seas shall link with thy God. The Universe will sing the same song, As the waters turn to blood, and the skies to fire, un just man shall pay within the battles of the skies Decade extension off new world order of a culture.

To be a black man; needs no definition, to become a strong black man, one must separate his self, from earthly thoughts, the blind man, who sometimes feel, what ever he has done, needs approval from another being. To be a strong man, what makes this so beautiful, the only approval you need is from God. It seems hard for blacks; as a people, to break away from validation of another man's thought; A free mind, gives one the ability; to be the inner person, many times approval clouds the mind of man, with the deceptions of jealousy, that prevents him; to be the best he can be. My son your obligation upon this earth, the man who stands with dignity, and strength, to honor and obey the laws given by the almighty God himself, remembering that man is man, woman is woman, and man the protection of his tribe, I shall no longer, present my womb as your hiding place. The pleasures of your wants, shall not be tarnished are default, their shall be no escape, the womb was generated from birth, I shall no longer shelter you from the world, you must take your stand as man, nevertheless it is not a beautiful place, beauty comes with following the rules of the image you represent.

Shields of voices the crying of the embryo,
to unit with the womb,
Mouth of the sea stand up my children,
Living creatures, Live through the sea,
Without my breath; you must now breathe on your own
there would be no sea, if one cannot reproduce its seed.
Normality that man only sees of self.
Creations, of the womb, I am sea.
Creations, that live through, I the sea,
As the Universe, I plant the seed,
Creations, Listen as I speak