I Cried The Blood Against All Oppositions

Authors Survival Jacqueline Amos
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De' Father  Lord Shall Speak

Lord The Hanging Tree


O ‘ my muddier lord the hanging tree’

 Oh my muddier lord!

I’se got one time on the cross

I’se live it now

Lord I’se got one time on the cross

Lord I’se not gone cry no more

Lord I see you at pearly gate

Lord murder won’t pain no more.


O, my de angel wait for me

Body hanging from tree

Lord got one time on cross

Lord lynch man live upon my space


My muddier I leave upon tis earth

I’se  gone into heaven, my Lord!
     I can't be late!
Deere’s room in heaven, dear lord

I’se not cry the lynch man song


 dar, room wait my white dress

Plan dar death, I new one dey

 in dar room of heaven

I cry pain no more”
Room in de, in de heaven, my Lord!
     I can't stay behind,
Can't stay behind, my de lord,
     I can't stay behind’

I’se on my way

To de fathers place


Cry nor weep for thee

De lord send the angel

To rescue me

O’ lord I give de thanks to thee

Noumi Art Collective @2005