I Cried The Blood Against All Oppositions

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De’ Talking Drum



Nations, black blood relations, Play de’ Spiritual libation, do tongue of the drums speak, de’ native tongue, de beat, de’ native tongue, listen as it speaks, the white ebony every ounce of black blood, back to the clay, de Mighty creation the almighty God, I give to thee. My King sits upon the drums, dreads upon his head my feet that dance of my breed, the screams of t he drums, my native tongue, de’ spirit arising, the sounds of de’ ancestors sings.
Africa’’ Africa”, Africa’’

Chilean gathered in the circle de’ ancestors dance through the circle of space, De’ Tongue, oh de mighty spirit that flows from my pen. De’ blood, De’ Blood mixed upon my native land, De’ drums, De’ drums the spirit cries out, the spirit cries out.
Freedom, Freedom, Freedom centered in de’ circle of grace, oh the mighty drum, de’ sky the spirits cry release. Isle visited the grounds that my ancestors stood another generation, I’ve come, I speak the scripts of the golden pen, sing drum, talk drum, oh de’ might African Drum

The drums sings the flow of the spirits which embrace, sing black drum sing African cries listen to the screams of the drums, my native land sings out to the soul of Africa. Africa, Africa, have return, oh de rainbow colors tis I sing, Africa, Africa, Africa, sing Africa, sing, My multi nation Of black ebony sings, I shall, I have arrived, the spirits arising sing my Chilean sing, Rhythm in my drums, Every beat I sing for my ancestors still live through this I sing.

Sing Africa the songs of the drums, my body cries
for my native tongue, dread brothers, mix blood relative, unity through the drums of my native drums, the blood trail nations of

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