I Cried The Blood Against All Oppositions

Women Warriors
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A man is a power tool of conversion to which it stands.
A vessel to implant the justice of God and the love of all man; Sing not the glory of thy self, sing the glory of humanities that man pull together in knowledge, peace, wisdom, and understanding.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, not the presents of face, the heart shall be the mountain of Calvary for which man stands.

I shall stand tall
I shall not fall
I shall teach the young
I shall cry within the arms of my God
I shall teach thy seed
Holy is thy body it dose not belong to me.
I shall forgive self
I shall continue to hold my armor
Dignity shall be my source of food
I shall teach thy child that virginity
only belongs to husband and thy God.
I shall wear thy flesh that my king
shall not turn in shame.
I shall respect the wisdom
of my king.
I shall not lay down with
Satan sons who will bring me shame.
I shall be responsible of my actions
as well as the emotions that guide me
I shall implant the morals of great kings
and queens.
I shall be the eyes that my King shall see,

The laughter when the world brings him tears.

I shall walk with honor, my body is the temple of God

My womb is the holy dwelling of his creations

I shall humble when my man speak

What God has joined no man shall destroy.

But yet I stand tall upon the land;
I take my people to the mighty land;
So who is fear da' dark swampy sea?
Fear not thy word, death at all cost
For so the story shall be told;
O' the Christ that walked me through
The promise land, so who is I to cry?
When they laid de' Christ upon the wooded cross/
I have seen the son of son;
The honor to take his pain upon;
My trust, for in life the sure thing is death
But unto the coward lives the marksmen whip;
For I shall cry not in the mist of my journey foe;

Stand tall my people foe. Stand tall my people foe
The death upon earth bring you joy
When de' palace bring you MO, life is death,
Death de' life, sing not the glory of your strife
For every women in de' warrior house
Suffer unto thee said the lord.

De' black broths is your keepers house
For there are weak and some are strong
Forget not your warrior quote
I black women the Mother Nature
Of de' land, look not upon your broths
So, for without him they shall be no more,
For the Christ pick his chosen so
Raise the brother to the sky,

Let not ego killed de' nest
Forsake not the wounded heart
Nourish him to give him strength
Warriors bounty come from de' lord
Forsake not the darken soul
Teach the script de' Christ lives through the womb
For de' mother shall feel the pain
As she felt upon the cross;
Warriors walk alone, seek not the earthly so.
The warrior of de' Tubman house shall
Bring de' brothers across DE' underground

I cast no stones for I live within
a holocaust of its own dismissed
murder I shall not whole the rope
to my babies neck.
Books of darkness, shall appear in the light of conscious,
Implementing sources of humanity,
through human kindness,
delete the whose and what,
in mans darkness without couscous.
Illusions of powers for man sakes;

I go within the sanctuary of my thoughts, praying to be protected from the world, the horrors of today, I shall breed a saint, forgetting my short comings never passing it own to my seed. For who that sacrifice for a brand new day shall conquer kings and queens in the sights of God. I put down my armor of ego, I lift my head from shame,
I stand before the altar and ask God to wash my body and mind clean.

I fear not the thoughts of man, I continue to keep my temple clean.
It is not about me, but the future I set forth to my seeds.
oh why are thou to be judged of thy kind heart. The giving of a pure heart,
I give the treasures back to teach my daughters that the body is sacred to God.

It is written in the books of life the body and mind of women
Is the closets to God. Oh I shall cry no more
For my weapons are stronger than my thoughts
Let not the devils hands control my emotions and my thoughts.
For who so ever believe in divine love, the sanctuary shall be
The weddings of my young., I cry know victim song;

I know where my voice belong

Let not thy conscious be thy convictions
Let not thy ego be my own destructions
Let not dignity be blinded the savior who
Gave his life why not I give a new day.

Its not the power of a man who lives upon the earth, The virus snake that runs foe to foe, unclean thoughts that plagues nations , taunted by un- forgive able love, without human kindness he’s destructive to self. Crime against humanities wars that plaque the earth.

The hands that guide great women.
The power of chose to lead will be the answers
when Gods sits at the top. Slaughters that lye
Upon the free of the devils worships, death traps that man
sets before his own back yard.

Toxins that is bought and traded to kill.
The Women of the land of the free.
What have we learned about love, man, and the sanctuary of Gods Temple.
The holocaust which man continue to breathe.
Elders who fight just to live.
The torch that never went out, the women
warrior the protector who stood by her king.
Children that live upon the battle grounds of the free.
God said spare the rod spoil the child.
Shame as fallen upon thee, the warrior
Without a King.
Our back yard is dirty and our people are dying.
Who will save the woman warriors the land of the free.

I sing not upon the statute of race, I sing not the statue of country,
Greed has no complexity of color.
To breed a warrior values, morals, principals, the seven
Rules Oh thy God I the Marry of Jesus Christ.

The rich shall look upon the poor, but shall be the same who often close the savior’s door. When time shall cease, shall pass no wealth, pull nor influence will save the sinners plea. I pledge that the source of implementing humanity through human kindness shall bring forth unity among the soldiers of the lord.
Deleting whose imitations of powers, for man’s sake, human decent in Gods spoken words; Violence characterized to seek an humiliate, to embrace just law .

Jesus died upon the cross, I shall lay upon the thrown
to breed woman saints to carry the torch in the light
I thy women the sanctuary of Gods creations.

Waving Flag Allegiance
''Burn De'' Slavery Flag

Burn de' Slavery flag
De’ breath, I’se breath,
I’sa want sing it no more,
And o'er the raging blood,
the spirit beneath the standard sheet
Da’ new allegiance cry,
I’se pledge to Da’ lord, in glory of his love
Loyalty, to the mighty Lord.
Wave devil wave, say fair well to thee,

I shall cry no victim song,
Dat’ it shall float; o'er every soul,
de’ liberate the slave;
Do no evil my brudder until thee,
lord say be loyal to the freedom cause,
lord said a slave is the devils prawn,
When each poor degraded slave
Is gathered near and far,
O, fix it on the saviors cross,
hope's eternal cleansing heart.

Men say slave,
Da’ Lord say law,
Righteous come in the name of the lord
O, delight, sorrow's night have no hold..
I’se’ wave the Anti-Slavery flag,
And let it not be furled,
the trees, the mountains, the skies cry blood;

I sing the anthem of de’ lord, It sweeps around the world.
when each poor degraded slave
Is near, Da’’ put the slavery flag so far,
O, fix it on the azure arch,
As hope's freedom God declared, Defrauding

mans own soul, Surrender upon the lord; I shall

not wave the devils flag; the flag shall render
The almighty God words are law;
Forever let it be
The emblem to a holy cause,
I give unto thee

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