I Cried The Blood Against All Oppositions

The Refugees Of New Orleans Disaster

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The Refugees

In the mist of Revelation the lord has spoken, the wake up call to the world, who lived by the laws of destruction, but yet the voice have spoken, and the world will tremble. The tomb of the living dead, considered a refugee the land in which he was birth, murders and death, nevertheless the tragedy meant nothing to some. To live in a land where those who continue to live by the rules of an un just society, man who have given the loyalty to a man made devil who considers him a refugee and the home of the land and free, suffering in darkness death to the black tribe as the world looks on, faces of suffering and pain, living in the darkness of slavery once again, who is the earthly Gods that love the world? as the majesty speaks, in a blank of an eye I shall take you away, say his name, the son of the son, black Jesus, say his name the almighty who breathes upon the trust of man.

Treason upon his brothers the words have been spoken, the change must begin now; there is not much time to get it right.
Believe in the almighty because the devils have know power over earth.

The screams of the sea, the
water that open again oh glory to thee.
Revelation the word has been spoken again, let every man kneel, let every tongue confess; who is your God? Thy almighty said he would steal from the cradle before he let Satan
Claim his universe. Rainbow colors of pain, Mothers, Fathers, Children, gather together in the name of God,  The changing of the
season do any man know the reason?
In the days of the almighty Jesus, the sea’s gathered up the people; And wash them away. The testament has now become ten fouls.
So man who hides behind the mask and says God is not God alone.  Who will you serve when Satan goes back to hell?
Oh what a bitter taste of brim, the old mighty God has struck again.It was written in Blood that Jesus has returned. Beware of your brother you will not know the face he may return again.
There will be no bargaining when Jesus has summoned his plea.

The almighty speaks as the children young and old lye upon the street, who has know power of his own, helpless in a place of New Orleans, black faces in the swallowed summary of death.

Un detour the solid history of the bleeding fountain, and the Niles that turn to blood, and the roars of the beast, killed and bound in a cage, as the spirits that cannot longer be peace.
The crying trees, the hungry legacies, that cry for nutritionist; The savages that slaughter the subjects of images ‘try, who becomes the servants of the land, history repeats, oh where or thou brother
The black holocaust repeats
Heav'n planted, in the minds, and death upon the land, and treason cries upon the grave, a plague upon the world, the black face without honor of self, dignity that dies, the serpents captures, the living soul. The cries of a people centered in a pit of hell swallowed upon the nature of revelation. Oh this bitter taste of brim, as my people lye in a dungeon as man awaits his death.

The spirits speaks beyond the grave; Blaspheme shall not destroy thy name the Almighty God;
You defamed my son, Jesus who died upon the cross, to save my children who you blinded within the night, you stole the inheritances of Great Kings, this shall not be the word, they shall reclaim there rightful place, you lynched my sons from the trees, you created a holocaust that my children died because of color, and the images that I create, Under Satan Authority shall be no more. I shall have the last word.

Within this caucus of a frame, shall turn to ashes and die. Your spirit shall live in captive, never ending the tampering of thy creations, you shall feel the pain, and as you cry I shall turn a deaf ear. Within the legacies of my sons a thief upon the night, as you try to destroy thy Holy grounds.

The historical fruit shall never rot.
Nevertheless you claim victory, man is man, and God is the almighty the father of Universe.
I the eyes of the almighty,
has breathed upon my trust.
The deep breathes from the immensity of the heavens, dreams within the bleeding palms of humanities. Reactions of a divine soul.
I shall continue to send my army that your kingdom shall come down.I have given thee the treasures of my paradise, Betrayal by the creations of thy hand, as the child of a father who cuts off his right hands.

Thy son gave his life, that your sins shall be forgiven.
Jesus screamed the blood running from the palms of his hands, I have given to thee, thy right hand, betrayal that you set for me,Jealousy of thy father, the inner curse that
you shall feel the rapture of thy pain,
I that ebony King, I thy brother who they hanged from the tree, I thy brother the holocaust that killed nations of thy children, who were created in the image of thee.
Truth and off set to self
I am not dead the voices cries from the soul.
Hear the screaming of the winds I shall not go under.
I gave my life for my brother.
The haunting of thy soul shall follow me.
Salvation that lye upon my feet, As the slain that lies upon the grave.
Thy trespasses lie upon me.

My eyes cry by reason of my wraith
I must now reap the sore of my brother’s disobedience upon the earth.
But unto thee I come as a humble child to thy God, I stand before my Almighty God,. I give thy blood upon you, thy loving kindness upon thy head, thy faithfulness in destruction has taken charge
shall thy wonders be known upon the dark.
That my children shall not feel the pain
The mission of the land of the lost path;
of assimilation is a word of action.
My blood I give to thee captivities shall not be kept.
If thy hold thy peace to darkness of the heart the harden of the rock of thy foundation shall surely die. A servant that sings it’s own rules shall mold away and die. I shall not hold the peace of righteousness; thy darkness shall no longer sanctions thy truth. Decaying of a world order that refuse to confess.
Wombs of earth validated by the scorns of revenges, Hostage to the devils revenge. The Abomination of earth bows to a different high. Immersions in a transformations of corrupt values of individuality weeping that the soul has no strength of its own.

Shields of voices,
Mouth of the sea,
Living creatures, Live through the sea,
Without my breath;
there would be no sea.
Normality that man only sees of self.
Creations, of the womb, I am sea.
Creations, that live through, I the sea,
As the Universe, I plant the seed,
Creations, Listen as I speak.

Flowers, life, breath, voice,
beyond the sea, I sing old glory to thee,
beyond the Universe,
I the purification, of the sea,
Listen to the language,
which I speak.

Universe among Universe, beneath the sea,
Stand, as you feel, my spirit, As you enter my, Universe, Feel the waves, that can lift you, are take you, to the other side, of the earth,

I Sea, has written, the legacy of great men, I hold the key to history, the legacy lives, upon my universe, I shall continue to live, when all things pass away, I sea, the battles, which man has fought, stands upon, my universe, freedom which have taken, them to another side, of the universe.

Freedom I speak,
I am the link, between creations,
the waters, that flow though you,
flowing through sea, Incubations surrounds life,
as it travels through the dark,
and the light begins to shine,
The darkness that lives, beyond,
The light when it reaches the top,
sleep the cousin to death,
speaks out loud.

Dark as the sea,
that lives within my realms;
Great spirits, as you stand before me,
words not needed, the songs of the sea,
as it roars, give me liberty, are give me death,
I the link, above the earth,
I the life line, the breath,
of creations which I breathe,
God's paradise beneath the sea's.



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Noumi Collectives@2005