Artist Jacqueline Amos 21st Century African American Women Artist

The Mask Of The Soul

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Africa's sun of the sun, is shining above de heaven land,
De’ day I’se rising, and the lord is smiling, day for us is rising, for black men far and neared Sweet God of the mighty is in the front line of the sun, the heavenly battalion leads the darkness of de’ mind of de’ black men
Onward, make your banners wave upon the lord skies, we are one, the lord done spoken and the battle of de’ ancestors march by the drums, Oh shine, ye men of noble deeds. The triumph plays the de’ freedom wave.

Jacqueline Amos (Mix Media)

Looking upon the rising sun, the spirit

That rise when the morning comes,

O, I ‘se sing it till the middle of de

Cotton fields I prey, lord coming at

The down sun, of  de’ day