I Cried The Blood Against All Oppositions

Martin Luther King
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In The Eyes Of Martin Luther King 


Sitting On the Mountain

Free At Last

I had a dream; I sit upon my fathers palace,

My brothers and sisters

of the rainbow colors;

Who stood before the alter of freedom;

and many died as thee, I am not dead;

the spirit lives on, a revolution that

was fought, for Gods children of the cloth,

Step back… don’t give me flowers,

Give me the armies of the lord.

I continue to sing from the skies of heaven

Free at last, Free At Last

Thank God, I am Free At Last

I the Warrior of My Tribe,

I sing the Noblest scripts of God

Evolved through my Fathers Scripts

The brother of brothers who died for me.

I stand before the mountains, and the crippling of my family curse lingers after my death, I am free at last thank God I Am free at last, and the chains of degradation, 100 years later the supplements of blood that was given for my people to change, the roots still linger to be free, he has become exsile in his own despair, the blinders that refuse to lead, I stand before the mountain still awaiting for my people to join together, my motherland has felt the curse, the promise that all men will be garenteed the prosuit of happiness, but yet I stand before the mountian, my brothers continue to sleep in darkness, I shall stand upon this proclamation, the brothers who continue to defame the treasures, refusing to link together. Blinders that slowly steals from the craddle of liberty, the richess of a heritage, my sons no longer believe that they are free, guided by the devil who they feel that will favor in there obligations and needs, It has come time where my brothers and sisters must free self, from the resdue, the mindly destruction that carries our people to a slow death, It will be fetal to our people if we know longer fight for self improvement,

African Man a son of a Baptist son

My journey was subscribed before I

Entered this place call earth

God whispered In my ears

I now take my place in Gods house.

I died for a reason

As my brother died for me

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom

Oh my God to thee

I have took my Journey to

The other side of freedom.

I the son of a Old Black Minster

The blood in he, is the blood in me

I leave my brothers and sisters

Not the awards that man have given

Even the death trap he set before me;

But unto the man, who stands in honor

The man who is not afraid to pick

Up armor, Lord I want study

War no more

Oh thy God to thee , the work

Of deliverance.

Oh the darkness of justice

The mask mafia

Oh but the challenge that you gave

What is life, if one must live as a slave

So I give unto you, the blue print written

In script, oh I the son of an old Baptist

Minister,the legacy of my

Fathers house in the skies;

who gave me y strength

To identify with my brother who

Lied upon the cross, I died with

Dignity never the less, my life came

To a end, but my struggles for my people

Shall be epitome of my revenge.

I have given all I can give, my journey

Has reached the other side of my fathers house;

I sit upon the mountains and gaze upon

The earth, my spirit that dwells, as the tears

Upon my face, who is my brother, who

Refuse to release the chains?

I give you the treasures of the soul;
I give to you the children of the future.
That my legacy shall not foul.
I the ancestor of your history,
will I ever see the dreams,
of my legacy. Africa that
sings the liberation of my seed.
Oh the fruits of his Garden
I sip of the waters of his tree,
I return to the fruits
it gives me great strength.
Tears that fall upon my forest,
Mountains that sings.
Glory to thee. I rise, above the mountains,
you wipe the tears away,

I the son of a Baptist minister

The prophet of God.

The burning fires upon Gods house;

The raging dogs the eats at my flesh;

The legacy of the moving trains.

I gathered hand and hand with my brothers

I sing the song upon the mountains

Nevertheless I knew the time would come

When the man with the mask who planned

my death, you may have killed my carcass

But my spirit lives on, a message to the sons of son

Bare arms of the spirit, God words is law.

The battlefields of war, Freedom... The battlefields of
hate, Freedom... The battlefields of Love, Freedom... The
battlefields of God, Freedom... The Fire in God's Eyes,
Freedom... Listen to the beats of the earth, Freedom...
Devils un-veiling the essence of pain, Freedom... Listen to
the angers of the sea's Freedom.......... Rise me, from the
blood, beneath my feet. Freedom... Freedom.....,

Freedom....., Listen to the 4th of the beat, Freedom, I
sing, the words of freedom, Freedom, I sing, the words of
deliverance, Freedom, I sing, the words of unity, Freedom, I
sing, the scars of my people, Freedom, Let.... my people

Freedom..... Black, White, Yellow, Green Freedom let my
people be. Death of a dream, abandon, by the devils revenge,
Killing, the humble, an meek, The scars of the earth,
Freedom, never again, shall it be, Freedom, release the
chains, Of the devil, who sits in waiting, Freedom, by man's
on hand,

The devil, comes in all colors of man, Freedom I rise above
the sky’s. See the fire in God's eyes, It will be no more,
The birds, come in hurdles, waiting for its prey, listen the
pain, is in the air, to destroy the paradise, which once,
came love, the demon’s waiting for the kill. Freedom, never
again my eyes shall see hate, Never again, shall I be haunted
by rape, Never again shall I feel, the whip of hate, the
disease that kills all men. Freedom, I declare upon this
earth. I rise in the name, of the men, who walked in God's

Freedom the spirit the divine heart, will never die, those
who have come, in the name, of God's house, The battle cries
will be no more, heaven knocking at the door. The dead has
not died, but living in the paradise of God, So Satan you
have been defeated. Life dose not begin at birth, but after
death, sleep the cousin to death, I rise in the morning,
visiting the universe, called earth.

My back has carried the scars of civilization, the blood is
in the palms of me hand, my children are dying, I cry
rebirth, Rise me to the heavens, Rise me to the Universe. I
am tired and my back will no longer take this curse.

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom,
Break the chains from my risk, Break the chains from my
womb, Break the chains from my mind;

we refuse to believe that our liberties are limited, the bank of justice is declining. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient dreams, living through a vacumm as the world slowly click the chains, and closure has know fight or respect for life upon my people, the bionic disk lingers into self destruction, the minds that lives through the ages of slavery, and the slave master becomes the one who lives within, the funds in the great vaults of darkness, brings forth slow death, in the justice of who gives a dam, and the world slowly steals from the fountain of ancestrial revolution, And so, we've come to block the captivity of slave torrisoms, the blood that cries from the heart.

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