Black Woman Pslams


The poetry  and dialogue on this website is done in the language of the ancestors during the day of slavery



In De’ Old Negro House 1 I heard the old folks talking in our house the other night About lord knows who goner make it to the house of right, old black man sat and moved his head, as the old folks talk about the white folks, the old man sat, and shock his head, the old folks was singing coming by lord, and the old man kept shaking his head. Ole’ Mrs. Suzie scratched her head, and the old women continue to be herd. Mr. Ozzie sat beside the table in the rear, he said woman let me give you words, you old woman talk about the white folks up the hill, what are you telling the Chilean that lives below, its nice for Negro’s to sit and chat, how we goner save our Chilean from the swinging rope. The lady folks all abused him, said "He know it wasn't right," of course, the men folks agreed they all say amen, "Dat's so." Mr. Ozzie shock his head, as da’ Ole’ women, continue to speak, Ozzie sat without a word. Mr. Ozzie was about 84, Ozzie said excuse me Maim; your old woman never let the Ole’ man speak. I’se tell you de truth, about the word right, to build a country where all man I’Se one, I tell you the story of the swinging rope, when men were hanged below the shadow tree, I’SE lucky man, through the eyes of the lord, I’SA tired of hearing, of the white man cause, I’SA was a strong man, in my younger life, I’SE on my way out, don’t won’t to here about right ‘’ Dats so.’’ What is right? When white folks make you the back door,


 I’se understanding what you ol’ sister speak, but lord will I ever see my Chilean free, Lord said a free man is a righteous man, so da’ slave master was the devil man, so sister Suzie what da’ say about that, may be the Negro folks, follow the laws of the devil master, and the good master is right in De’ name of DE lord. Ole’ man Ozzie say lord say part from the unjust, De devil will turn away, fur not upon the furrows of righteousness, and thy shall not reap them seven fore, I’se 84 old, I’se read the script of the lord, all this time I live by the devils rules, so old woman? Who is right and who is wrong? Lord say not I have sinned, long suffering, he will not let thee go; da old man said “Dat’s so, who is the lord, put no man, before the lord, crying the slave master song, ol’ woman who do you obey, long suffering the whip of master we praise. I’se, 84 years old, Da’ lord say believe in him, not the white folks whips, I’se guest it’s too late for me, what bout the Chilean I leave, lord the old folks got thee in this place, cabins of death the white folks own. Lord said we must labor to interpret Da ‘ laws, Da’ wisdom cometh from de lord, and is with him forever, who could number the sand of the sea, and the drops of rain, and the days of eternity? Who can find, out the height of heaven? Da breadth of the earth And the deep, and de wisdom. Wisdom hath been created before all things, and the understandings of prudence from everlasting. The word of God most high . The fear of the lord is honor and glory, and gladness, the Ole brudder Ozzie stood tall, the old woman began to cry, Dats so said the old women, raising her hands upon the sky, as the old Negro folks looked upon the skies, and began to cry, Lord I ain't going study war no more, the old white house began to moan, lord I was all ready free,


 I’SE the whip of my own family tree, tears shock DA house, Ole’ man Ozzie sat back, in the rear of the house, humble as he can be , dropped his head in silence, and slowly went to sleep.

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