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The Maat Series


A Poignant and Powerful Book That Helps Singles Successfully Date in the New Millennium

New York, NY – February 5, 2007. If you are one of the millions of single, dating, separated or divorced women living in America, you have probably wondered from time to time what’s really going on in the minds of men and why you can’t ever seem to find the ‘right’ one. You may have joined a dating website, gone to a speed dating, or meet and greet event. Maybe you have even read a book to understand dating and men. Perhaps you are dating right now or seeking to get out of a relationship and begin anew. Most likely you are probably tired of the drama, games, confusion and lies that often come with the dating process.

In Dating Games-(A Brotha Speaks Up) Volume 1, a new book by speaker, author, life and dating consultant Sumumba Sobukwe, you will learn what men really think about dating and relationships. This book seeks not only to help you understand men but also how to date more effectively by avoiding the many uncertainties, and games that usually accompany dating. This book addresses all of these issues from African-American male perspective.

Dating Games first explores the life and dating experiences of Sobukwe and then the tragic marriage of his late mother. The book then takes on the thought process and ways that men go about dating and how men in general and Black men in particular view the ‘dating scene’, what makes men ‘tick’ and why they do what they do in relationships. A central theme of the book includes strategies to spot and avoid the common traps that result in negative dating experiences as well as to establish effective strategies to engage men and find where the ‘good’ ones are. The book concludes with a new life plan that will ultimately lead to healthy dating and relationships, and then real love.

I have been reading his dating columns and blogs for a couple of years now and his book does not disappoint, it is an excellent dating guide for both men and women who are seeking how to date better and find real love.


Little Rock, Ark


About the Author

Sumumba Sobukwe, BSW is an experienced social worker and therapist, seminar leader, consultant, and author of: From Boys to Men Mentorship Program, Echoes from the Colony, and You Belong to Me. He is also the founder and president of THE MAAT SERIES, a New York based consulting service that offers life and dating counseling, and personal and professional development seminars and workshops. Sobukwe has written articles for several newspapers, and websites. He appeared in the documentary film Potential Partners as well as on several radio and television programs.

To order your copy of, Dating Games-A Brotha Speaks Up Vol. 1, go to:

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Sumumba Sobukwe

Phone: 646-584-5114





Sumumba Sobukwe is a Positive Brother...Active in his community and a entrepreneur, he is also a jazz musicians and many other talents, that he have explored, look out sista’s this will be a movie,  I think it takes courage for a brother, to put the truth on the line, applaud for you my brother, the dating game, I find his book to be inspirational, not only inspirational, but a guide for our younger daughters and sons, it confirms that all black men or not dogs, nevertheless all races off women, identify with these types of men.   some of the mistakes women make in choosing their mates, they don’t think with there heads, they think with there hearts, it will fool you all the time,   we have been blessed to have an intelligent and compassionate brother  Sumumba Sobukwe to help women to identify the dating game, lord we women are tired, but it goes both ways, we are waiting for that book my brother Sumumba Sobukwe  who have broke the code of silence, “The Dating Game”, we must now take steps in behavior modification, how we think, and how we empower ourselves, and value the term strong black women;  Love has know boundaries, it can sometimes be a trader within,.


A quote from Sumumba Sobukwe book.. They identify first and foremost with their lower 'head' rather than the one between their shoulders.... The purpose of growing UP as a man and evolving should mean that we begin to learn how to transcend and NOT 'move' from our 'lower animal' nature but if we don't study, become more aware or have a positive purpose on this earth we stay stuck in 'animal' mode. What makes us different from our 'furry' and not so 'furry' friends on four legs is our spirit which we have the ability to cultivate and build ((this is what growth and evolution means)) and growth and evolving is what a RELATIONSHIP is supposed to be about.


Thank you my brother for this powerful book.




THE MAAT FAMILY AND COMMUNITY FOUNDATION- has been established to honor the lives and lessons of Pearl Shannon and Reverend Thomas ‘Tommy T’ Neely. Through initiatives established in both of their names, the foundation seeks to empower the African-American community by addressing the root issues confronting this community and others in various areas including but not limited to: Relationships, Economic Development, Crime and recidivist prevention, education, promotion of healthy life styles and nutrition, family assistance and support, entrepreneurship, the development of healthy parenting skills, abstinence and birth control programs, child care and development, empowering and connecting single parents, mental health care, voter registration and education drives, the prevention of physical and emotional abuse of women and children, spiritual, emotional, cultural and value development, promotion senior and elder care and involvement in the community.

In its first year of operation the foundation will seek to illuminate and address these issues through personal, community and professional workshops, seminars and other related events. The foundation will also provide counseling and consulting services for individuals, organizations, agencies, clubs, corporations and other interested groups. The foundation also will also link and provide support to any entity that’s concerned with the empowerment of African-American and other communities of color through this website.

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