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A Poignant and Powerful Book,  The Black Mans Diary, That helps man understand the missions of survival, leadership, self esteem, brotherhood, and releasing the hidden pains, that lives within the mind, understanding the history of black men, and the achievements that goes hand in hand, looking into the telescopic windows, revealing the true and historical growth of who and what the black men is, and the achievements that he have accomplished, the good and the bad, but recognizing the man as an individual, and not stereotyping all for one, this book gives historical synopsis of the power of progressions, and the greatness that lives within, In this new Millennium the resurrection of spirit, shall rise to a New Millennium the new black man


Brooklyn, NY – March 5, 2007. When the millennium has surface the light, man will recognized the true missions of its cause, Unity and forgiveness of self, they will be know more darkness, he will reclaim his natural place of hierologist as well as leadership,  he then shall return to his natural habituate, there will no longer be imprisons of captivity, man will reclaim his rightful place, de programming the toxins; that separates the King from the Queen, they will understand the suffering of the cross, they will recognize the nations of there seeds and come full closures of the pain, nations upon nations shall join, and the revival of its mission shall not be disrupted he will be able to see from the beginning and end this obtruded call earth, from the whip to the burning bullet that names him, in his millennium of black man. Brothers will then sit at the table, Brothers of nations, and then the blue print shall be discovered, and after the light shines upon the east, of reticence and avarice shall rise, the spirit of righteousness shall balance with the soul,


Black Mans Diary, (Author Jacqueline Amos)

 This book seeks not only to help you understand men;

Through the ultimate achievements of man documented in the blue print of survival, but also to understand the diversity of human associations, nevertheless it has been limited to self, the knowledge to know, but never the wisdom to apply. Ego’s of empowerment.


 A central theme of the book includes strategies in how and what man feels, that has been a calamity and the misconceptions in how men think, the oppressor of self esteem, but what society wants you to believe that man has know control over his perceptions of what it takes to be a man.


Jacqueline is a graduate of Medgar Evers College, Degree in Education, and minored in Arts Education

Jacqueline Amos a publish Author, documented with the Museum of  Modern Art, Brooklyn Museum, Shum berg Library Of Black Studies, Ethiopic Coptic Church Museum, American Artist Association, International Word Wide Registry, Harlem Gallery, Harlem State Culture Building, John F. Kennedy Performing Arts, Medgar Evers College Historical Art Archives, Brooklyn Counsel Of The Arts,  Emerald Who’s Who’s Executives and Professionals, World Wide Artist,

Humanitarian Award, Philippians and American People,

Proclamation Noumi Arts (Borough President, Howard Golden Proclamation from, (David A. Patterson, New York State Senate, 29th District, Bedford Styvesant Art and Culture,

Black Hero’s, Medgar Evers College Alumni


Jacqueline has been feature on many live broadcast, the biography of Jacqueline Amos, City College Round Table Radio, Bcap, The Biography Of Lady Blues, Spiritual Train, T.V. The Biography Of Jacqueline Amos Author, Medgar Evers College Radio Part 1, Part 2, Black Women Artist, Mary Umolou, Jacqueline Also completed Sound Track with James Gaspen, (Bad Boys Productions) Preacher in the Movie Goodnite Mr. Charlie, 18 one women shows in Art, as well as poetry.



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For additional information, Contact
Author Jacqueline Amos
Phone: 718- 455-0289