I Sing The Black River

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Oh Black River the Waters Within Me


I know the black rivers that rise upon my feet;

I know the black rivers that

brought me through the gates;

I know the black rivers as the

black tears form upon my face;

I know the black rivers that sanctified

 my spirit to grace;

Oh black river that lies

 upon my soul;

Oh black river you wear the

 same face as my son;


Oh black river you cleaned the toxins of my son’s soul;

Never the less the carcass was dead, the soul of the repaving winds;

Oh black rivers the cries of the marching waves;

Oh black river you herd the songs one day I shall be free;

Oh black river that lives within thee.


My mama scars, my mama’s feet,

my mama Moses who brought;

Me cross the rivers of Jordan,

oh glory to God I cry to thee;

I bathed in the rivers of

 the African streams;


I built my hut with the rivers and the clay;

I looked upon the Niles; I danced upon the sea;

I marched in the Deep South’s of the black sea;

I herd the singing of the rivers; I saw the blood, march

Across the opening of the sea;

Oh, black river nobody knows the trouble I have seen;

The black rivers open and said, oh yea, oh yea;

I am the ancestors lean you’re back against the sea.







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