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The Black Moses Reform
In this inferences time; I subside to the generation of reparations, Under the claim; no more for these un closed propositions; that so ever beyond the closures of truth cannot be presented, in the last days of this armory events, the last days has confirmed, the changing of the world, and man continues to sleep upon the darken silhouettes; and then their was tomorrow, forever an forever, their shall be know rest, before the end of time, but yet I stand before the confirmations of resurrection,
That I have written them after the manner of the primitive sermonic details, death of life and the resurrection of life, In the writing of the ancient scripts of survival,  I have, conform the high way to heaven, naturally,  I have consume the breath of my brothers through the microscope of transitions, nevertheless the story have been rewritten upon the land of the doom, I felt the influence of the Spirituals that flows upon the blooded leaf.

There is, my proclamation to an atmospheres of un related events,  in event of my course, and the perpetration of my plan, the obstructions of self justice, stands before it’s on convictions,  of mind, shall subside in the revisions of hypocrisies, of course, no way of transforming the dignity beyond death, portrays its on events oh god to thee. a soft accompaniment to parts of the physical magnetism that awaits for man to fall, the leAnd God said to Moses:  I've seen the awful suffering Of my people down in Egypt . But unto the prophets strength in the the almighty eyes of God, for who so ever come let him be willing, nevertheless the summons continue, breaking the chains that is deeply in bedded , the Moses who stood before the cross, black as the midnight collision,  I’ve watched there hard oppressors, from slavery; and before the summary repeats, the prophets that believed in the almighty, the groans of my people, have mounted themselves to the bionic cross, the overseers and the drivers, again I have lived the horrors, the moonlit prophets deliver, the truce upon the land of dark, but yet I walk the blooded roads, and cry the slavery song, nevertheless I stand it no more, I must feel the rapture of my brothers song, but yet I stand without convictions of the lord,

So I come down to deliver them out of the land of Egypt, as I continue to fight the battles upon the native land of Africa, but yet I stand tall, the re-events of my brothers, I the black Moses of my tribe. Therefore, Moses, go down, Go down into Egypt , And tell Old Pharaoh to let my people go So I'm come down to deliver them Out of the land of Egypt, And I will bring them out of that land Into the land of Canaan; Therefore Moses, go down, Go down into Egypt , And tell Old Pharaoh To let my people go. (22-37) I the Black Moses that walk upon the land, shall go down to the Babylon; I am the messenger who has come again, let my people go, I am the messenger of the ancient soul, walk toward the east, and save my people from the land of dark, I the culture of psalms, I shall free my people from the chains of defamation, and ordained them in the blood of de’ black Moses reform.