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Malcolm X , l-hajj-Malik-El-Shabazz,
 From The Whip To The Burning Bullet


From The Whip To The Burning Bullet

On the Journey of your wisdom's of truth, one may ask who was Malcolm X? Many who didn’t have a clue, Malcolm the messenger of God, nevertheless the journey through this life, man are blind to the messengers of wisdom and grace, from the whip to the burning bullet, fear not the words of man, fear the name of God. The wings of a brother who fear not man, but the honor that he had for God

A minister of the field, as many who came after him, the resurrection continue to come when man walks in the light of God, what is a man if he cannot dye for the almighty words call law, a coward dies a thousand time but a brave man dies once, Malik Shabazz stood as a man, and died as a man, every man knows the penalty of death, to rise again in life the almighty God, Allah, the paradise of prophets.

Malik Shabazz the warrior of warriors, the soul that walk through the fire until the light appeared, and God said in his ear, deliver my people from Egypt bring them home, and the d evil became angered and filtered the minds of those, who oppose the teachings of God, and then there was the burning bullet, love your woman but don’t allow her to dictate your soul in what it takes to be a man, respect the black king, but take care your business and protect your roots, are your business will take care of you.

Through the ultimate achievements of man,
the diversity of human associations,
has been limited to self. The knowledge to know,
but never the wisdom to apply.
Ego’s of empowerment without the means
of common sense. The destruction within the eyes
of the beholder I pledge to self .

The abomination of earth bows to a different high.
Immersions in transformations of corrupt
values of individuality weeping that the soul
has no strength of its own.

Circles of truth sealed within a box with a rusted key.
The gifts of knowledge only shared within
the close realms of clicks that share only
among them selves. Universe polluted with
genocide dust, zombies that walk upon the earth.
Sleep the sister to death. Human defeat to self.
Passages clutter with suicidal infiltrated within the soul.

Circle of truth, homelands cries, second
power of the sun, first rays of the light.
Cowry shells cries upon my feet. In a ending
of a shallow death, meaningless, tears form,
a culture, country, a destruction of mans own right hand. Genocide of thy Accessorial tree.

Thy ancestors who died for freedom, that
unity be a truce of all that comes
within the circle of universe, the eyes have
seen the blood of thy sons, thy back has
felt the heat of thy whip, thy walk with the
scars on my back and the blood in the
palms of my hands.

Rise Malik said take your rightful place, stand up, there is only one God, and don’t let the devil dictate your fate, join together with the young, teach them that they are from the limbs of greatness, stand up for self, you don’t have to be little, oh mercy be upon the rotten roots that bare abomination, you are what you teach,
Desires of wanting , pain that seeks
through the vain, pleading to inner
depths of the mind. Cease and assist
thy family tree of heritage that hangs
from the death of the root of the tree.
Thirsting for the walls to open, love locked,
boundaries of no return, the fleeing
of diversity that has no humanitarian
conscious of self.

Civilizations hurdle within the myth of rotten death.
Vibrations sings the roads of disgrace,
me my self and the mind refuses to link.
Sea’s of human black death. Mountains draped in black
policed with booby traps the evolution
of the open womb, designated within the darkness of the sea’s

Death be the weapon of the cultures inheritances,
battling of the hearts, the hunger
that lives within. Sustain, it no longer exists.
Locked from a world, that sleeps within its own shell

From the whips to the burning bullet, your children cry upon the land of reverse genocide, filter minds sub servant to Satan, blues prints without ink, perversions link through the blood line of the slave holder, who preaches unity to the forbidden fruit, the abomination of man that plague through the perversions of the man man bible without ink, forsaken family and the liberties that will confirm you back in chains, treason that sits before the doors of the almighty creator, who and what is a man, when you live by the codes of the slaves to the land, rise up and clam your rightful place