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Divine and Divinity, When Nothing Benefits the Heart

Nothing benefits the heart, if it is shaded by darkness, in this versatile world, the intimacy of created formations, spirituality that seeks through the soul, divine and divinity that circles the obtrudes of suggestions, who is man, and who is God, it is not the serenity of mans illusions, but the blue print that is created in life, more than a spiritual retreat wherein, humble the soothing of the soul, the meditation of wisdom, the solitude of love, the paradise of heaven, when the soul surrenders to the almighty God, the house of resurrection, the domain of quiet, and the filters of humanities; But yet there is a clause upon my emancipations, material items are not love, I stand at attention to empress my computation, but my heart bleeds as the curtain comes down, I birth a tribe the fire dims, and the temple thrust,

How can the heart be still, living in the furnace of hell, baptizing the soul, or how can it desire to enter the Presence of God, yet purified itself, In a quiet moment, resting the spirit, that the soul, shall feel the up rising of its cause, how can the heart rest, as the circle continues to turn, as the vampires cling to the veins, and try to suck the life, filter with toxins, that eats at the mind. In this lent less journey yet toxin by the circle of darkness, how can it understand the prophecies, yet rebirth that sets at the light, waiting to be birth, as the soul fights from the darkness that it has lived, the spirit cries out, release me from this toxin, the soul who could not live within it's own house, or how can it journey, the abomination of the bleeding fountain, without coverage of its house. In this lent less journey yet toxin by the circle of darkness,

I have subsided within holes less than my subtitle of events, just to keep him alive, my children born within the abomination of injustice, my man no longer respects my blessings of his limb, I come in the shades of suicide intentions, I walk through the night, lingering upon the streets of darkness carrying the tainted bottles and my clothing smells of disquiets.

Converting with the physical inner being, humble, the sanctuary of the house, that lives within, Oh I seek in the name of the Almighty God, to contemplate and the exhaling of light, that shall take you to another level in the space of the almighty house, the internal soul that cries for freedom, consciousness to leave its carcass, Coupled with this physical stillness and ceaseless repetition, On this journey within, the healing and the wisdom, of a plantation, far beyond this world, entering the beam of the light, visions greater than the earth, summary of spoken words, visitations where no man has been, Light and Sound.

About the Author

To be an author of the present, and never speaking of the past, the mind cannot conceive the true meaning of historical aesthetics; the source of my instilment details, of the struggles just to stay alive, through indignation, betrayed into the dangerous character of an Author, I sought among the prosperity, to de program the destructions of a tube legations that toxins the mind, a free chose of birth, that constitute my liberty to speak, the arm

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