From Man, To The Bitch, To The Guerrilla Pimp

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From Man To The Bitch, The Guerrilla Pimp
From Man To The Bitch, The Guerrilla Pimp magnify

I dig my grave and lie in it, I live de' darken hole, And as I dig, I show to men, I rise the spirit of de vanity; from the black hole, as the guerrillas pimp, dig a hole for the soul of a man, and perversions that he sets for him, to steal his gold, I rise and speak that he may hear, beware of the guerrillas pimp, he kills the soul, and steal from the stroll, and promise love, and pimp your heart, and turn you into a bitch, and steal your manhood in the name of love, beware of the guerrilla pimp, to steal man soul he waits, he will turn you out, and beat your heart down, and wear your soul, like you were a helpless child, he will pimp you, and use you, and confuse you, and make you turn on those who love you, he will plant the seed, and many shall follow, and darken your mind that everyone is against you, the bitch and t he man, the man and the bitch, the pimping guerilla, stops at know tricks.

de’ man to de’ bitch, to man, to de’ king, to the slave holder of mind, for there shall be no greater or lest, I stand with strength, be not the bitch of the devil, who claims de' , man history, beware of the guerrillas pimp, he seeks for your wealth, he seeks for your weakness, he seeks for the power to over though threw your weakness, there is no greater or less, if he plays with your heart, he kills the depth of the soul, as you cry for love, thou I seek for love, under the denial script, and enjoyed of what the pleasures tricks, I shall not become the devils bitch, I walk upon the land of the mighty kings.

if de man bee the weakest of the link, de man ambitions printed in the script, for who shall be the man, or de devils bitch, the gorilla pimp that stands at risk, for the foundation of love shall it be, from man to the bitch, for the world see, who is women and who is man: shall he stand tall as a man, speak as a man, and walk with de’ honor of a king, the man, the bitch, the devils pimp, to seek his standards to perform the devils tracking grave, be then my lot, My deeds were of no lasting good, ad I shall lie and only rot remembered not by pride, the trickery of the guerrillas pimp, that steals and betray, and play with the darken soul

Oh the trickery of the devils whip, who turn out the soul of men, from man to the devils bitch, for who so stand in the spiritual soul, the man the mighty the soul of the blue print,, for sake not the devils stroll, he will still your dignity and you shall become the devils whore, from the man to t he bitch which he awaits, for pain and pleasure he convene the soul