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De' Stroll Of De' Black Prince

I dream of a world that the heavens reach upon the arising, witnessing my brothers walk through the sky hand and hand, and in the mist of the sun, the savior walks the Golden path, greeting my brothers with the torch in his hands, as the brothers continue to walk the marching drums play, and the legend bar Marley rise from the heavens singing, I have master my journey no more pain, and as the sun rise, the almighty lord dressed in the black red and green, and he stands before my brothers, as the tears fall before his eyes, I ordain you my kings, as the doves fly upon there heads, the brothers cried out loud, lord nobody know the trouble I seen, and as the tears fall upon there eyes, the Queens stand at attention, the lord said step back my sista's, and the rose peddles fail upon the warriors head, and in the blue print he documented in blood, my kings I give to you this day, the Mastery of your pain, sign by the almighty God, A degree from the University of DE' Kings.

I have not forsaken you, the DNA that flows through your vein is a symbol of my pain, I have never forsaken you my Kings, the Martin, Medgar, Selassie, Elijah's, Malcolm Shabazz, Marcus Garvey, and all that came in my name, it only confirms, I am you, and you are me, the lord step back as the drums continue to play, and the brothers stood up, and the spirit began to rise, the majestic begin to document the brothers name in the strolls, the lord took his cloth as the brothers kneel before him in a humble voice, as the robe touched there feet, the spirits began to enter the almighty God, and washed the pain away.
And in a mighty breath, he blew the souls out again, and he said my son's we are one, your pain was the loyalty to thee, for those who lived upon the burning bush a testimony in the name of DE' black prince, for who so ever believed in me, the crown that sits before your head, shall never rust, I give to you my black prince the words that was written in blood