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Black Power Cries Beyond The Grave

The battle within the realms of religion ,
submerging ego's prophesying Knowledge,
No concept of self, Spirituality represents the symbols of God.
Man masquerading as holy , false prophets, thank you Jesus devils,
pull pit whores, who is right an who is wrong? Zombies masquerading as God. Spirituality sacred places, every person missions, neglecting family tradition.

Recycling the toxins of the universe. Many brothers putting there sisters in chains, Mockery that lives in there house, sisters stripping brothers of there identity, proclaiming they don't need man, a toy can fulfill there joys, after hours speaks its own cause, and brothers who distance them self from women, and label them as they were the back door whores, know the woman, and know the toy, when man finishing playing she because his back door whore, know the man and dismiss the boy, in this obtrude of an uncivilized constitution, warriors that are dismissed as the devil still from the cradle, and the true black brothers are condemn by the images of a want to be man, Sister warriors fight for a revolution, and sisters who come in there face present them selves as whores, the world looks on and laugh at the division that contaminates our inheritance called black liberation, Prophets that are documented in the golden black book, the history of Kings and Queens. Resurrection, balancing the minds of creations. the symbolic images of some who come in the face of my brothers, shake there ass better than I, wanting to be , and hating me at the same time, destroying the image of woman, and sisters who take on the image of man who they say they hate, but try to Cleon them selves that they are better than he, it goes both way, but this is not my black king and sisters only the ones who give black hope a bad name. Know the king, and know the queen, don't judge one by the other, it will only confuse you.

Optimistic expressions who is holy?
an does man really no himself. Traders to the cause of our brothers who have given there lives that we over come the emancipation of slavery. Slave masters syndromes, prophesying a word,
that God did not create. The battle ground for wars, man without love for his brother,
poor wise man, who has no respect for his foundation are self. Profits of religion, Psychological revolution, genocide to ones only family turf.
Proposed roads of freedom, stain windows, the call of the wind, captivity looking at each other,through the slave masters eyes. Stolen souls, the living dead, zombies that pass on there seeds spirits in bondage, black power cry, without the respect of man an self pride,
battle among the symbols of creations, where is black pride. The jungle of abnormality ,
fortunes of no inheritances, grains of dignity without growth.

Battles of the walking dead.
Sister hating Brother hating,
Confusion all in the name of God.
Beware of the wolf that comes in sheep clothing,
God said knowledge not science.
Shepard's masquerading as holy,
leading there flocks to hell.
Black Power, its not the power,
but the substance it represent,
Man cry division when one refuse to come together as one.
Slaying there brothers for a moment of fame.
The blood of our brothers who fought the revolution,
When sisters and brothers of the culture, recognized
them once a year,
If any a revolution that is sealed in a book.
Close mind to there own self worth.
Huey Newton, Malcolm X, Martin
Luther King, Medgar Evers,
Rap Brown, Angela Davis, a cause that the sleepless
selfishness of a people let dye in vain.
A mind a terrible place to waste,
Many singing we shall over come.
The enemy that lives with self.

Rise as I speak what message do we receive as a people who are fighting,
the same battle in our streets.
As the soldiers ready for war .
What about the battle?
which we live right here on our streets?
Where are the father's?
to restore the separation of there genes.
The mothers who selfishly think of self,
and the system rule there seeds.
Fatherless, Motherless children,
Living in concentrations camps,
Sold and branded as the un-wanted.
Trade off for crack, the sickness
Of the devil who kills the seeds,
Of the sacred grounds.
our brothers and sisters,
and children who live On the streets.
Close to mind of Unity,
Who fights for them.

VietNam the men who fought for this country,
homeless, the land of the brave an the free.
In there own country, who gives a dam.
Those who have tip the scales,
Brothers who have turned there head
Rich and famous, who gives a dam
About the streets which they have left.
Shut Up And Listen
What have they contributed to there country?
and the men who fought that we may be free,
soldiers who live on the streets,
out of sight out of mind who really gives a dam.
Sisters of Soldiers turn there head to the soldiers
That wear the same cloth,
Enemy of the propositions which they speak
Black power get up of the script.
Black power is a word, that only a few understand.
Power with dignity, power as a community,
Power as a culture, power the love of God.
Get it right.
Black Power what is your defense,
Who is the power, and what represents black.
I walked through the ghettos
And touched the souls,
Who man thought was not worthy
To tell God is love, get up off your knees
You are the Nubian King.
I was the field minister,
My mission was different,
Than those who stood on the altar,,
And the church doors,
Never feeding are healing the sick.
There is no power within division,
There is no solution that increases the hell of jealousy,
There is no solution when there is no unity,
Words are scripts when there is no love

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